Summer 2014 Epic Road Trip Part 1 – Chasing A Waterfall

First off, I’d want to say I’m really sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been really busy – working, rock climbing, sorting out some photography things, and road tripping. Hopefully I’ll get caught up on all my work soon…

I decided to go on a two week road trip. It was something I had to do because last year I wasn’t able to go on a trip, so I was really itching to get out there. I got the chance to meet up with a bunch of friends along the way. It was definitely great seeing them again It’s been too long! And this was actually the first time I’ve ever done a trip by myself (well… Drove all over the place by myself), so it was something out of my comfort zone because I had long days of driving and I always felt like I needed a partner in crime when doing trips like these. But I was glad I went for it!

My trip started on July 11th (Friday) right after work. Packed up my car and headed for the ferries. Spent the weekend in Squamish doing a trad/multi-pitch rock climbing course (no pictures for that). Then on the Monday, I was off to my next destination – Lake Louise. Met up with a friend and her friend and camped at the Lake Louise campground. The next day we climbed Takakkaw Falls. It was my first big multi-pitch climb, so I was really stoked about it. 12 pitches rated at 5.6.


Here’s a picture of our camping spot. Rise and shine! Ready for an epic day!

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6399

Here is the beauty we’re going to be climbing.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6403
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6404
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6408
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6410
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6412
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6413
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6415
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6416
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6420
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6421
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6423
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6424

After climbing up all that scree at the bottom, we were ready to rock! This is Sean leading the first pitch I believe.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6428
Joy leading the second pitch.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6432
4th pitch – just a little bit of traversing.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6440
This next pic was great. This is the view you got after coming out of the rocks on pitch 7.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6451
So much focus…

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6455
The next one is the 11th pitch. It’s not really a pitch… It’s more like climbing through a 200ft tunnel near the top of the waterfall. So awesome!

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6460
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6462
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6464
Joy finishing up the last pitch!

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6468
We made it to the top!

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6474
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6479
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6485
After hanging out for a little bit, it was time to get back down. This is Joy setting up the first rappel.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6488
Thank you Joy and Sean for bringing me up this amazing climb! You guys rock! What an epic way of starting the road trip. So much beauty.

Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6490
Takakkaw Falls - 2014-07-15-6493
Next day, it was time to head over to Calgary, so I made a quick stop at Lake Louise to snap a few shots.

Lake Louise - 2014-07-16-6494
Lake Louise - 2014-07-16-6496

Stay tuned for the next part of the trip!

Goldstream Park, Coombs, and Parksville

Matt’s friend, Shane is leaving Victoria soon, so Matt and I decided to take him places he’s never been to! It was a long day, but it was tons of fun. Here’s what happened:

We started off at Goldstream Park where we showed him the waterfall – Niagara Falls. This is a cool area because from the parking lot, you have to cross underneath the highway via a tunnel. You follow the riverbed for a little bit, and then you’re greeted by a waterfall.

The riverbed and waterfall looked lonely, so we built an Inukshuk friend. Hopefully there will be more next time we go there.

Next we hiked up to the trestle. There’s Mt Finalyson! We didn’t have time to show him the top of it, but oh well…

We kept following the tracks, and we came across a second trestle.

And a tunnel.

We walked back to the car and started driving towards our second destination – Coombs. The next two pics are from random lookout points along the highway.

Coombs!! A big tourist trap, but they also have a lot of cool stuff here! Shops, markets… And random stuff.

Coombs is known for the goats on the roof. Yup… They just hang out on the roof of a building. Sometimes there’s a lot of them, and sometimes they’re all hiding. Can you find the goat??

One of my favourite things about Coombs is the market. They sell a lot of cool things from smoked salmon, cheese, and other foods from all over the world. It is also pretty expensive, but there’s a lot of unique foods and stuff you can get here.

Last stop was in Parksville. We went mini golfing! … Do I need to say more?

Week 25, 26, & 27 of HDR Project!!

Wow… Time to catch up on my HDR photo project! I’m not really sure how I can be so busy when I don’t have a job?? Oh well, the summer has been a blast! And since I haven’t been keeping up with the weekly HDR picture, here’s pictures from three different places.

A bunch of us did a weekend camping trip. We camped at Horne Lake for a couple of days. This first set of pics is from the amphitheatre where there’s some amazing rock climbing! Really really hard routes in here… The warm up is a 5.11a. Woohoo! I’ll definitely be back to climb!

10mm, ISO 1600, F11


10mm, ISO 200, F4

Next picture is from Little Qualicum Falls:

16mm, ISO 200, F5

And last place we went was Coombs. They have an amazing Volkswagen museum there!

12mm, ISO 400, F6.3

10mm, ISO 800, F6.3

Feels good to be finally caught up! I also definitely needed that weekend break. Keep checking back for more updates on the weekend camping trip!

Whatcom Falls, Washington

Week 8 of HDR photo project… The 2 Shannons and I decided to do some shopping in Bellingham, and obviously, geocaching. So Shannon started planning the geocaching route, and I started looking around Bellingham to see if there were any places where I could take an HDR picture while caching. The result, Whatcom Falls Park.

10mm, ISO 200, F22

It always amazes me seeing waterfalls and hearing the amount of noise these things make. As we kept walking around, there was another waterfall and a bunch of places where you can walk up to the water. It was pretty awesome, so I had no choice but to take more HDR pics. I also needed some backup pictures in case the first HDR picture didn’t work.

11mm, ISO 200, F20

14mm, ISO 200, F25

Sombrio Beach

Mollie, John, and I decided to go hiking on the Juan de Fuca trail. We only did a few kilometers of it, but it was SO much fun – good company, muddy trails (thank you boots, you did good!), crossing streams, suspension bridges, climbing up and down places with rope, beaches, and the list goes on and on and on. We’re so spoiled to be living on the Westcoast that’s for sure. The weather was perfect too – overcast and not too cold. All in all, it was such an amazing day! I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures because most of the time I was making sure I didn’t bail… Hahah. This is just a taste of what’s to come. SO stoked for the summer!!

So I’ll leave you all with this HDR pic I attempted… Anything with a waterfall is cool :)

20mm, ISO 100, F32

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