Last Weekend of Filming The Shadows of Hope

The last weekend of filming The Shadows of Hope! (check out their Facebook page at: We had a lot of scenes to shoot including a bunch of outside scenes. Once again, the high school students did an amazing job helping out on set. I was able to trust them to do the audio part while I did some more behind the scenes photography. The first scene we shot was at a “cafe”. It was more like a little balcony… But hey, it worked!

Here’s the set up we used for filming.

Next scene was the parking lot scene… Karen took us all by surprise. We all had a great laugh.. And I love Stefan’s reaction.

Jeff being a creeper.

The next part, we had to split the team into two because we were running out of time to film. That mic boom was so ridiculously heavy. Good on ya Mike for being such a trooper and holding that boom.

Shoving all the high school students into the elevator. Good times!

After a long day, we finished filming around 8pm. Everyone was getting tired, but spirits were still high! This project was SO much fun! Amazing cast and crew! I was super impressed by the high school students as they were able to pick up on things so quickly! Finishing this project felt bittersweet… It definitely felt weird not going to a film set the following weekends…. But here’s hoping for more amazing projects!

First Weekend Filming The Shadows of Hope

My friend hooked me up with another film project – The Shadows of Hope (check out and like their Facebook page at: She got me doing some more behind the scenes (BTS) photography. It was another opportunity I couldn’t say no to. The film is about a girl (Kayla) whose parents split up, and then later down the road she is diagnosed with an illness. The film is also doubling as a project where high school students are brought in to show them how film making works and giving them hands-on experience.

I arrive at the set on Saturday morning and realized I was going to supervise the audio department AND do BTS photography. I’ve briefly done audio on another film project, but most of my audio experience have been in a studio/live concert environment. So off I went – teaching the students how recording sound works and all that fun stuff… To be honest, at first I was pretty nervous about teaching, but as I got into it, I was blown away by their enthusiasm and their ability to catch on so quickly. By the end of the day, I was able to fully trust them in recording audio. It was great! And on top of it all, the director, cast, and crew were an amazing group of people to work with!

So here are some of the pictures from the first weekend of filming. All of the locations were from the University of Victoria. The first place we went was Finnerty Gardens.

Now we headed back to the MacLaurin building to do the rest of the shooting. We spent a lot of time filming the living room scene. We had to slot a day and a half for it.

More pictures to come!! If you want to see more pictures, info, etc, check out and LIKE the project here:

52 Week HDR Project

I think I need to update this blog more often… But that means I would have to do something picture-worthy every week… This could get tough during some weeks, so that’s why I’ve decided to start a photo project where I take a picture in HDR (High Dynamic Range) every week for a year and post it on my blog! This will make me go take pictures more often and it will challenge me as to what I will shoot for that week. I’m going to have to start thinking really hard… I guess this will be week number two as last week I took a pic of Chinatown.

This week I’ve decided to go to U-Vic to take a pic of the library simply because one section of it is all glass so you can see inside a whole part of the library which I think is really cool. So I’ve decided to give this a shot. Let me know what you think :) (click on the pic for a larger view)

12mm, ISO 400, F11


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