Last Weekend of Filming The Shadows of Hope

The last weekend of filming The Shadows of Hope! (check out their Facebook page at: We had a lot of scenes to shoot including a bunch of outside scenes. Once again, the high school students did an amazing job helping out on set. I was able to trust them to do the audio part while I did some more behind the scenes photography. The first scene we shot was at a “cafe”. It was more like a little balcony… But hey, it worked!

Here’s the set up we used for filming.

Next scene was the parking lot scene… Karen took us all by surprise. We all had a great laugh.. And I love Stefan’s reaction.

Jeff being a creeper.

The next part, we had to split the team into two because we were running out of time to film. That mic boom was so ridiculously heavy. Good on ya Mike for being such a trooper and holding that boom.

Shoving all the high school students into the elevator. Good times!

After a long day, we finished filming around 8pm. Everyone was getting tired, but spirits were still high! This project was SO much fun! Amazing cast and crew! I was super impressed by the high school students as they were able to pick up on things so quickly! Finishing this project felt bittersweet… It definitely felt weird not going to a film set the following weekends…. But here’s hoping for more amazing projects!

Day 8 of Europe Trip 2012: Oxford, UK

Day 8… Pete, Shannon, and I took the train to Oxford to do some geocaching, attend a mega event (geocaching event), Pitt Rivers Museum, and walk around. It was a good day! …. As usual.

We made it to the mega event. It was my first geocaching event so it was crazy seeing so many cachers in the same room. Nice venue too!

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is where the Pitts River Museum is.

Cool pieces of tree roots were on display outside.

I LOVE the inside of this place.

Inside the Pitt Rivers museum. It was really cool here because it’s just a display of different artifacts. There were tons of stuff here – stuff overload!!

Pretty sweet looking museum.

Time to check out the first museum some more!

Three Convocations!!

This past week and a bit, I was invited to a few of my friends’ graduation ceremonies. They were all on the Lower Mainland, and it was some good times.

The first one was Brenden’s. This was at the Fraser Valley Adventist Academy (FVAA). All the grads are on the left. I got there and realized I knew a couple of other people, so that was pretty cool.

Pastor Dauncey giving a speech.

Brenden got a bunch of awards!

Kelly was one of the grads as well and got a bunch of awards as well.

Go Bo!

The second convocation was Lori’s. Her’s was held at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The venue was a bit different from what I’m used to. It was held outside. I couldn’t imagine being there for the winter convocations. But it was a nice change in scenery!

The SFU pipe band started the ceremony off. It was awesome.

Lori walking across the stage! There were sooo many grads!

The last convocation was Shannon’s. Her’s was at the Abbotsford Events Centre. She gradded from the Fraser Valley University (UFV). They had an awesome live band playing!

All the graduands.

Red Robinson got an honoury doctorate.

Shannon about to walk across the stage!

Stay classy, grads.

So it’s been a pretty long 10 days – a lot of watching people convocate, running around, etc etc. But it was great seeing everyone graduate! Congrats everyone! So happy for you all!

Week 9 HDR – Hatley Castle

Another week goes by. Work has been really hectic as it’s the end of the tax season, so we have to take down the kiosks and stuff… Late nights, early mornings. Good times… Didn’t think I’d have enough time this week to squeeze in a picture, but today Matty P and I went to Hatley Castle to do some shooting. I’ve decided to try out my 50mm lens again because I haven’t taken many HDR pics with this lens, so this would give me a challenge. This is definitely a REALLY different way of shooting. I’m not used to it at all… It’s kind of stressful because I’m used to being able to work with a lot of space with my wide angle lens. So this was tough, but I’m slowly learning. One thing I love about these pics is the detail of the rocks. There’s SO much detail, it’s awesome! I’ve been going to some pretty cool areas, and it’s hard to choose just one picture when there’s so much stuff to shoot! So here’s two pictures. Enjoy!

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

Comments? Suggestions?

52 Week HDR Project

I think I need to update this blog more often… But that means I would have to do something picture-worthy every week… This could get tough during some weeks, so that’s why I’ve decided to start a photo project where I take a picture in HDR (High Dynamic Range) every week for a year and post it on my blog! This will make me go take pictures more often and it will challenge me as to what I will shoot for that week. I’m going to have to start thinking really hard… I guess this will be week number two as last week I took a pic of Chinatown.

This week I’ve decided to go to U-Vic to take a pic of the library simply because one section of it is all glass so you can see inside a whole part of the library which I think is really cool. So I’ve decided to give this a shot. Let me know what you think :) (click on the pic for a larger view)

12mm, ISO 400, F11


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