Week 39 of HDR Project: The Atrium

Matty and I went to Pig for lunch on Thursday. Once we finished, the power decided to cut out in the whole building. No one knew what was going on. I guess that was our cue to leave the place. So we walked around the area and noticed the entrance to the Atrium building which is a fairly new building in Downtown Victoria. This is where the BC Ferries office is, a few restaurants, cafe, and a couple other stores. We never noticed the inside, so we decided to check it out. The architecture was pretty awesome! Yay for random findings!

10mm, ISO 800, F5

10mm, ISO 800, F5

10mm, ISO 800, F4

Week 10 at Uptown

Quick post before I have to leave!

I got a new car a few weeks back, and I’ve been meaning to make an HDR pic out of it, but couldn’t find the right place. So Friday night after helping out at my youth group, I decided to check out Uptown which is a new mall with lots of stores but crappy parking. I got there late night and I tried a few HDR pics around the area because it was nicely lit… I thought this would be a cool place to take a pic of my car. So I took a few pics hoping that some of them would turn out well in HDR (failed!), and took a few with the car. This one turned out alright.

Oh shoot… I’m running late. So I’ll leave you people with this pic of my new-to-me car! It’s a 1997 Volkwagen Jetta GT. I had to do some harsh Photoshopping because the light reflected a lot on the bottom of the car. So I had to remove it…

10mm, ISO 200, F4

My New Baby

Wow… Wasn’t expecting to do another blog update so quickly. So here it goes!

In my previous post, I was debating on which lens to get, and I think I’ve figured it out after that rant. So the more I thought about it, the more I just wanted to get it. And since today is pay day, I thought that this was my opportunity to buy it and I wasn’t able to wait a few more weeks. So ladies and gentlemen, my brand new Canon 50mm F1.4 lens. I also bought a UV filter to protect the lens. SO STOKED!!!

It was near the end of the work day when I decided to slip out for a few minutes to acquire this beautiful lens. I got to the store and after a few test shots on my camera, I just fell in love with it. My first prime lens! This is definitely going to change my way of shooting which is pretty exciting. As I was walking back to the office, I thought “what better place to test it out than in Fan Tan Alley!!” I know it’s a little clich√© and all because A LOT of people have taken pictures there, but I must admit… It’s a great place to test out a lens! Click on the pictures for the larger resolution.

Hopefully I’ll have some time tomorrow or in the next couple of days to really test this baby out :)

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