Summer 2014 Epic Road Trip Part 3 – The Long Way Home

Well, looks like I’ve headed as far East as I’ve planned to go. I guess it’s time to slowly make my way back to the Westcoast. But first, there’s going to be some detours! Was driving the Crowsnest Pass and came across Frank Slide. It was pretty crazy. It’s where a rock slide happened in 1903 in the little town of Frank in the middle of night. 90 million tons of rock came down and took out the Eastern edge of Frank, the coal mine, and the railroad. It killed 70 – 90 people. Apparently they’re still buried in the rubble.

Frank Slide - 2014-07-21-6649
Frank Slide - 2014-07-21-6655
Next stop was Nelson! Met up with a few friends and stayed there for the majority of the week. This town is pretty awesome. Good food lots of young people, and surrounded by mountains.

Nelson - 2014-07-22-6657
Nelson - 2014-07-22-6658
Nelson - 2014-07-22-6659
Nelson - 2014-07-22-6667
Spent the morning rock climbing at Raven Wall in Castlegar with a few friends. Great climbs! Was able to flash a 5.11a and projecting a 5.11b. Until next time!

Castlegar - 2014-07-23-6670
Castlegar - 2014-07-23-6672
Castlegar - 2014-07-23-6677
Castlegar - 2014-07-23-6683
Castlegar - 2014-07-23-6693
Back on the road again! Heading out West.

Castlegar - 2014-07-25-6696
Castlegar - 2014-07-25-6698
Made it back to the coast! Met up with a friend and enjoyed a sunset at Crescent Beach. Always a great place to just hang out.

Crescent Beach - 2014-07-25-6726
Next day, picked up my friends from the ferry and off to Squamish for the weekend before I had to head back to reality. Haven’t been here in years, so it was amazing checking it out and seeing how much I’ve improved. Great times!

Squamish - 2014-07-26-6767
Squamish - 2014-07-26-6770
Squamish - 2014-07-26-6774
Squamish - 2014-07-26-6792
Squamish - 2014-07-27-6808
What an amazing trip! Great rock climbing, great friends, great food, lots of nature… Life can’t get any better than that… Well, I guess it’s back to reality. Stoked to see what lies ahead! Definitely more adventures to come!

A Quick Climb In Squamish

Day 2… Squamish! My friends have never been to Squamish before, so I decided to be the tour guide for the day. We lugged all our gear to almost the top of first peak… And it was crazy! Great views though… I lead the first route and just hung out there for a while to take some pictures and to just chill out. It was good times

Robin climbing up the slab!

Bronwyn makes it to the top! Yay!

Yeah… Not a bad view at all.

Afterwards, we headed for the top and just hung out for a bit, and then we hiked back down to the bottom. We ditched our packs and then I showed them around the bouldering field. It was awesome! Thanks for the great day! I’ll be back for more Squamish adventures! (Hopefully)

Week 23 of HDR Project: Squamish

FINALLY got good weather in Squamish! Got to do some hiking and rock climbing on Monday and Tuesday. It’s been a really strange summer… Really wet. But when I finally arrived in Squamish, I couldn’t stop smiling.

I’ll be posting more about it when I get caught up with my other posts. Sorry that this post was a day late… Been waaaay too busy with everything.

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

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