Summer 2014 Epic Road Trip Part 2 – Dinosaurs!

Second part of my road trip back in July. Met up with a friend in Calgary. Spent some time there and Drumheller. So far so good! It just feels great traveling.

This is the Peace Bridge. It’s a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Bow River. Pretty awesome.

Calgary - 2014-07-17-6503
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6505
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6507
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6511
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6514

I’m really liking all the art around town. Makes the city look a lot more modern. The next picture is an interesting sculpture in front of the Bow. I’ve seen other work from this artist (Jaume Plensa) in Seattle. So it was kinda cool finding this.  The skyscraper behind it is also really awesome.

Calgary - 2014-07-17-6519
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6522
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6523

Next stop, Drumheller! This is my first time there, and I keep hearing about the famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. It was really cool!

Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6530
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6534
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6536
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6543
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6547
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6549
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6550
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6551
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6552
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6558
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6559
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6560
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6561
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6563
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6564
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6566
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6570
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6572
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6575
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6577
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6579
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6580
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6591
Awesome T-Rex just hanging out

Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6593
This was at the Fossil Museum. The T-Rex actually moves. It was kind of terrifying. And it was only a young one… Ugh.

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6596
Checked out the Badlands Passion Play. We weren’t allowed taking pictures during the performance, but it was really well done! And the venue was awesome! Right before the show started, we were warned about a thunder storm. So we packed up, waited it out (maybe 15- 30 minutes), and back to our seats. The weather was pretty awesome after the quick storm.

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6603
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6604
Star Mine suspension bridge

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6606
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6607
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6608
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6609
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6613

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6621
Next stop… Nelson! Keep an eye out for part 3!

Geocaching Block Party 2013

Shannon and I decided to go to Seattle on Aug 17th for the day to check out the Geocaching Block Party 2013. Before we got down there, we had to pick up a few caches so the block party would be Shannon’s 1000th find. We also did a little shopping as well. Sooooo we were just a little late, but caught the tail end of it and still had a great time!

Blue Moon Burgers… We’ll be back for you later! Great food!

Signed the board to prove I was there!

Like I’ve said earlier, Shannon and I arrived really late, but it was still cool wandering around the area. They had different booths, free swag, and a bunch of food trucks.

Now that the huge crowds have cleared out, it’s time to do some caching/sightseeing! First stop was the Aurora Bridge. They’re always great to photograph.

A really awesome geocache. You had to find the combination to be able to get into it and sign the log. Throughout the night we were impressed at how much time and thought were put into these caches.

We also found the troll that lives under the bridge. There was also a new type of “test” cache they released. It’s called Lab Caches. You go to the area and find a secret geocaching code or phrase somewhere… And you type in the phrase/code on the website to log it. Interesting idea, but not sure if it’ll catch on.

Random awesome artwork we found! Love it!

Thank you Groundspeak for hosting such an awesome party and all the time/effort put into setting up the caches, venue, etc etc. Will definitely try to be back next year! And hopefully I’ll be there earlier next time.

Week 45 of HDR Project: Victoria Library

It’s been a while since I’ve been into this library (Victoria downtown branch). But I still remember going here when I was a kid. They’ve done a bunch of upgrading to the insides, but the courtyard…. It’s still the same which is pretty awesome. There’s this cool metal sculpture by George Norris in the middle of the courtyard. I’ve only seen this thing rotate once or twice in my life. Besides the sculpture, the acoustics are pretty cool. One day I’d love to record something in there. Once in a while you will see a musician playing music here. It’s great!

10mm, ISO 200, F4

10mm, ISO 200, F8

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