Day 16 of Europe 2012 Trip: London During the Olympics

Shannon and I were pretty stoked about lining up our trip with the Olympics. It was cool being able to experience two Olympic games in a row (the other one was in Vancouver)! I thought London was going to be PACKED with people, but when we got there, it wasn’t THAT busy. I mean, it was busy, but not crazy busy… It was kind of weird, but oh well. It was still lots of fun wandering around the place.

We went by train this time because last time we took the bus and we were delayed by about an hour which was not cool. And with the Olympics going on, we weren’t sure how busy it was going to be, so we decided to pay a little bit extra and took the train. We arrived at Paddington Station. I’m really liking all these train rides!

River Thames.

Shakespeare’s Globe.

We then headed over to the Millenium Bridge which is a pedestrian bridge that crosses the River Thames. It was pretty cool, and you can see St Paul’s Cathedral in the background, which is where we’re going to next!

The next picture is an HDR picture of St Paul’s Cathedral. Unfortunately, the tours to the top of the cathedral were done for the day, and we weren’t allowed to take pictures of the inside so we just walked around some more! Yay for saving some money!

Another HDR picture.

Tower of London

Tower Bridge!

One more HDR picture!

Day 12 of Europe 2012 Trip: London

Day 12… Finally made it to London! This update is going to be pretty big because I took a lot of pictures… I’m sure you all won’t mind. We went just prior to the opening day of the Olympic games. It wasn’t as busy as I thought it’d be, but oh well, I’m not complaining. We took the coach into London and we got caught up in traffic which delayed us for an hour or so. We had reservations for the London Eye (thanks Pete’s parents once again for the tickets!!!). We were rushing to get there, but then realized we were going to be late anyways. So long story short, we made it! …. Eventually.

Here we are… On the bridge. Almost at the eye. Just have to cross River Thames.

Pete’s parents bought us the Fast Track tickets which gave us priority boarding. It was awesome! We got to pass all through all the people in the lineup. But here we are on the London Eye.

Proof that we all hung out!

They had Olympic mascot statues all over the place. It was pretty cool.

This random guy in a gorilla mask wanted to take pictures with us. We were all kind of confused about it… But afterwards he wanted money… Really?? He didn’t even do anything to deserve a tip or anything! So Pete pretty much told him to go away. We had an encounter with someone else dressed up as Jimi Hendrix in Portland, Oregon who actually entertained us… THAT deserved a tip. You can check it out that adventure here.

Bye bye ugly crappy gorilla guy…

The Elizabeth Tower! … Thanks for photobombing this picture, Pete.

Houses of Parliament.

Random buildings…

Westminster Abbey

Next stop… Buckingham Palace!

Victoria Memorial.

Canada Gate! Sooo cool!

This is the Canada Memorial. It’s located in Green Park. It’s a memorial for the Canadians who were killed in both World Wars.

Green Park!


And now we’re at Abbey Road. It was so funny because everyone was trying to get “the shot”, so cars were honking at them and people were photobombing. Check it out on the live webcam here for hours of entertainment!

I wish we were able to check out Abbey Road Studio… Oh well.

So cool how people sign this wall at Abbey Road!

Next stop… Sherlock Holmes museum!

Time to head back!

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