A Cold Hour at Ogden Point

A couple weeks ago I went to check out the Gingerbread House display at the Laurel Point Hotel. Afterwards I went to Centennial Square to take some shots of the ferris wheel. I got there, and realized they’ve already taken it down!!! The sun was setting and so I decided to go to Ogden Point to catch the sunset.

It was super windy, the waves were pretty rough, and the sunset wasn’t that great so it was a little disappointing…. And cold. I’ve come this far and couldn’t leave without getting a few pictures. So I set up my camera and tripod to play around with long exposure shots. I didn’t get a lot because I didn’t want to be in the cold anymore. Sooo here’s the two pictures (out of a lot of other pictures that I took which looked about the same). Nice and short blog post.

The first picture is an HDR picture. Decided to try that out since I haven’t in a while. I’m surprised at how I’m always learning new things about editing photos. It’s been a great experience!! And the second picture is just a normal 20 second exposure shot. Hope you all enjoy these!

Ogden Point 001

Ogden Point - 2013.12.23-3618

Geocaching at East Sooke Park

Wow it’s almost 2 months since my last post. I guess things got a bit hectic with work (finishing up my contract), looking for work, and dealing with other things in life. That’s just the way it is sometimes.

Well, the weather has been amazing this week, and I’m hoping it’ll stay like this forever! Matty and I took advantage of this by going out to East Sooke Park to do some geocaching. Recently there has been a geocaching event which resulted in A LOT of new caches at this park. Soooo we decided to tackle some. We found a total of 19 caches and we explored an area of the park which I’ve never been before so that’s always exciting!! Found some cool things along the way too!

Oh, and have I mentioned how beautiful the west coast is?

Week 36 of HDR Project: BC Ferries

I got a message from Shannon on Tuesday asking what I’m doing the next couple of days. I said nothing… So she asked if I’d be willing to¬† come over to the Mainland to help them with some renos on their basement suite. I looked at the clock, checked the bus schedule… 30 minutes to pack up and leave. Since I’ve done this so many times, it wasn’t a big deal. So I said “sure I’ll go hop on a ferry right now!”. I got to the ferries just in time, and decided to attempt a few HDR pictures. Soooo here you go!

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

10mm, ISO 200, F7.1

Week 29 of HDR Project: Rotary Pier

Yesterday I had to work at H&R Block. They recently bought a franchise out in Sooke, so I had to go there today to set up the new computers. After work, I decided to check out a pier that I’ve visited a while ago. I thought to myself this would be a cool HDR picture as it was getting dark… And what do you know, it turned out alright!

10mm, ISO 200, F5

13mm, ISO 200, F7.1

Week 24 of HDR Project: China Beach

Hello Internet! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. Things were pretty hectic on my side. Recording, lots of running around, and my computer decided to die on me. So now I’ve got a new hard drive and more memory! Here’s hoping it’ll last for a looooong time.

Yes, I realized I’m a week behind on my HDR project, so I’m going to try and catch up soon. Anyways, last Saturday I drove my friend Jared and his friend to the trailhead of the West Coast Trail (Super jealous!!!!). After dropping them off, I had to drop by China Beach on the way back. I knew it was going to be a quick visit because I had to pick up some stuff at Long & McQuade before it closed and then do a recording job (which is when my computer decided to not boot up, booo!). But it’s always great to just hang out at a beach for a bit and just breathe for a bit. I’ve forgotten how awesome this beach was because I usually hike out to Mystic Beach… But man, did this beach ever get popular! Anyways, here’s the pics!

This is the trail that leads up to the beach

10mm, ISO 400, F4

10mm, ISO 200, F9

Well, there you have it… Hopefully I’ll have some time to take another pic for this week! Keep posted!

Week 22: Sunset at Crescent Beach

Phew, almost didn’t make it for the weekly HDR picture. Good thing I had some time on Friday otherwise I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in any other time. But anyways, the Shannons and I hung out at Crescent Beach. We caught the sunset, and I thought it’d be sweet to take a HDR pic of a sunset.

11mm, ISO 100, F8

11mm, ISO 400, F4.5

I love summer…..

Patricia Bay

Scott and I decided to do some shooting today. We went to the airport area (Patricia Bay to be exact) hoping to get some shots of some airplanes flying over, but not a whole lot happened. So instead we just hung out at the beach. Not sure if this picture worked or not. I got mixed feelings about it. The clouds were looking really nice today, so I was hoping I’d be able to make a sweet HDR picture out of it…. Comments?

10mm, ISO 100, F10

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