Mt Wells

Well… I’ve finally decided to hike Mt Wells. I’ve been wanting to do this hike for a while, but never got around to it because I usually end up rock climbing here. This was my first hike of the summer so I’m a little bit out of shape. Luckily this was a fairly easy hike. So I think we’re off to a good start! And of course, had to grab a couple of geocaches on the way up.

This used to be a working 44km concrete aqueduct that went from Sooke Lake to the Humpback Reservoir. Then from the reservoir it would transport the water down to Victoria. But now it’s not needed.

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6134
Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6137
You can see Mt Finalyson in the distance (the really round mountain).

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6139
At the summit.

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6145

In the next picture, on the right, that’s Mt MacDonald – another place to rock climb!

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6149

Week 12 – Goldstream Park

Sorry for the late update… Things just got a bit busy (as usual). Anyways, John and I decided to go hike up Mt Finlayson at Goldstream Park on Saturday, and so I was pretty determined to snap an HDR picture. We decided to warm up our legs by checking out Niagara Falls. It’s a 47.5m waterfall. Even though it’s not as epic as the Niagara Falls in Ontario, it’s still a cool waterfall!

11mm, ISO 200, F14

Afterwards, we hiked up Mt Finlayson. It’s 419m (1,375 ft) high. So it’s a pretty good warm up hike… Hopefully I’ll be able to conquer some mountains in Strathcona Park soon!

10mm, ISO 200, F16

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