November 2011 Issue of the Musetta Stone Magazine!

Looks like there’s another issue release of the Musetta Stone. For all of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a group of musicians joining together writing articles about music. We have a bunch of different articles including spotlighting musicians, recording gear reviews, fashion, practicums, cd reviews, concert reviews, and much more! So go ahead and check out the link. This issue we’re featuring a local musician, Kuba Oms! Check it out by clicking on the picture below

Musetta Stone music magazine update

Hey everyone!

A group of us have been writing articles for this music magazine, and I still can’t believe it’s been just over a year now! It’s crazy how time flies. But anyways, we’re slowly in the process of changing all our previous magazine issues to webpages. This might take a while… But anyways, Matty has been writing a few more articles on this issue which include a CD review and a Musecraft article…. Curious? Go check it out by clicking on the picture below, and keep checking back once in a while as we’re adding stuff constantly to this site.

New Magazine And Layout

The Musetta Stone music magazine has released their latest issue in August! It features bassoonist, Darren Hicks. There’s CD reviews, concert reviews, and other articles people have written. So go check it out. AND we’ve released a new layout for our website! Go check it out here. We’re still in the progress of upgrading it, so throughout the next while you will see periodic updates and even more articles!

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Musetta Stone May Edition

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post here… So me and a few others have been working really hard this past week to put together the latest issue of our music magazine, The Musetta Stone! This issue we’re featuring Cairan Ryan, a baritone singer! Check it out!

We’re also in the middle of redesigning the website too, so hopefully by mid-June we’ll have a new website! So keep checking back frequently

The Awesomeness Of The Past Week

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since the last update. Jeez, I should perhaps stop being so busy…

It’s been a pretty darn good week. A lot has been going on. It was my birthday just over a week ago, and the birthday shenanigans just kept going on throughout the week. Had a total of THREE cakes! One was on my actual birthday when I was over on the Mainland at Shannon’s place. The second one was at the Wednesday night music practice at my church, and the third was on Friday from my friends Brie and Blaine! I feel so blessed seeing all these people care about me. It really means a lot! Thank you all! Much love.

Other than those days of birthdayness, and working Monday – Friday from 9 to 5, I’ve been trying to go rock climbing more often as oppose to going just once a week, and then on Saturday my friend Chad and I did a day of geocaching. We found a total of 27 caches. Probably walked over 5km. So that was pretty awesome. Then on Sunday, me and my folks went on an afternoon trip (see below for the details).

A while ago I subscribed for a rock climbing magazine called Rock & Ice. Last week sometime I finally got my first issue!

Rock & Ice

I had the time to read through it and I must say I’m impressed with it. There’s a lot of really good articles in it such as people’s climbing projects/trips, training tips, cool places to go climbing, etc. The photography in it is pretty awesome too. That was one of the main reasons why I subscribed… But anyways, definitely a good read! Highly recommend checking it out. And now I’m really itching to go outdoor rock climbing… Sigh.

While we’re on the subject of rock climbing, my folks and I decided to do an afternoon road trip up island after church on Sunday. I decided to show my parents Nanaimo River. They said they’ve been there, but they haven’t seen the area where I do my rock climbing.

Just being there and seeing the dry rocks, awesome view, the river, and the bolts didn’t help. But soon I’ll be climbing outdoors… Soon I say!

Afterwards, we went up to Qualicum Beach. It’s so peaceful there. Love the days with long shadows.

I didn’t have my GPS that day, but I had my phone, so I was curious to see if there are any geocaches nearby, and surely enough, there was one! So I showed my folks what geocaching is all about. They found it quite interesting. After wandering around the beach for a bit, we started to head back towards Victoria. The sun was slowly setting, so I told my folks we should check out Piper’s Lagoon in Nanaimo to catch the sunset and the fact they’ve never been there. So we got there and took a few more pics, and I was able to snatch another geocache! Yay!

Such a peaceful place… So this concludes my crazy week/weekend. It’s been good. Stay tuned for more updates (hopefully).

So Close To Being One Year Old

Yet another busy week for me… Right when I thought I was able to have a full weekend off, there was work to be done! LAME!! So after having one day off on Sunday, I seemed to be even more tired on Monday. So that’s why I’m really looking forward to this coming weekend. It’s strange how at work you can go from being stupidly busy to nothing happening at all. These last few days have been super slow which makes work long and boring, so I’m really glad that tomorrow is Friday!

Nothing really exciting has happened except the past couple of days, a group of us have been working hard on our music magazine (Musetta Stone). And I’m glad to say that our 3rd issue is up! Click on the picture to check it out:

As you can see in the picture, our spotlight interview is on the super talented Kennedy sisters – always having fun up on stage, perfect harmonies, and amazing musicians! If you want to listen to some of their stuff, check out their Facebook page here. But besides the spotlight in the magazine, there are also concert reviews, articles, cd reviews, concert listings, and more!

It’s hard to believe that it’s almost been a year. So check it out, leave comments, and we’re stoked to start another year of the Musetta Stone.

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