Europe 2012 Trip in HDR

It’s crazy to think it’s been 3 months since I left for Europe. I definitely want to go back sometime, but not sure when. Anyways, throughout the trip I attempted HDR pictures. Only a handful turned out half-decent… Soooo here they are if you missed them in my previous blog postings.

Reading Train Station. Reading, United Kingdom.

St Mary De Crypt Church. Gloucester, United Kingdom.

Gloucester Cathedral. Gloucester, United Kingdom.

O’Connell Street. Dublin, Ireland.

Kilmainham Gaol. Dublin, Ireland.

Trinity College. Dublin, Ireland.

St Patrick’s Cathedral. Dublin, Ireland.

Temple Meads Station. Bristol, United Kingdom.

St Paul’s Cathedral. London, United Kingdom.

Tower Bridge. London, United Kingdom.

Cardiff Castle. Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Day 18 of Europe 2012 Trip: Gloucester

We’re getting really close to the end of the Europe trip. We decided to do some stuff locally as the weather has been a hit or miss. We pretty much spent an afternoon checking out the Gloucester Cathedral. I purchased a photo pass (which I think it’s a great idea to get money to maintain the building), and off I went! I don’t think I could ever get sick of these cathedrals. Every one has so much history and they’re all different. It’s insane how people were able to build these things back then.

It’s so cool how old these flags are. We definitely don’t have that many crazy old flags in Canada.

So much detail.

We got lucky and were able to catch a crypt tour. They were saying how it cost a lot of money transporting stones, so there’s many times where a certain stone would be used for several different locations.

To the sides of this huge stain glass, there’s a hall called the whispering hall. You get someone to stand on each side, and you can whisper something through the hall and be able to hear it loud and clear on the other side. Oh how I love acoustics.


Again… Notice the crazy detail.

We had a bunch of time to kill, so we went for lunch and came back to the cathedral for the tower tour. This was our first time actually going up the bell tower. Stoked!

Halfway up

Here’s the bell!

Now we’re at the top. So awesome! And great views of the city!

Day 17 of Europe 2012 Trip: Cooper’s Hill

First, I would like to say sorry for the lack of blog updates. I’ve been really busy with life related things. I’m definitely nearing the end of blogging about my Europe trip. Just a couple more updates! I hope you’re all enjoying this… This is going to be a short update as I have a bunch of stuff I need to do… But here’s what happened on day 17!

You know that place in the UK where a large group of people chase a wheel of cheese down a hill? … Yeah we went there. The hike up to the top started off with cutting through some farmlands. It’s such a nice area!

Lots of wheat.

There was also the remains of a villa. It was pretty cool.

Look who we found! This guy was pretty big.

We got to the top, and it was crazy seeing this site. The view was pretty nice, and the hill was STEEP! The pictures don’t do any justice. I stared at the hill for a long time wondering how people ran down this thing. There were many times where I thought to myself, “You could run down this line, and then… No…. that looks bad”. This was definitely a cool site. Thanks for bringing us here, Pete!

Day 13 – 15 of Europe 2012 Trip: Geocaching in Newent & Gloucester

For a while, Pete and I have been talking about doing this crazy geocache where it involves a kayak (or some floatation device) and going down a long dark tunnel. I guess today was the day to do it! We met up with his folks in a little town called Newent. We walked around a bit and picked up a few caches.

We got near the cache site, and we had to wait for Pete’s buddy to meet us here. So once he arrived, Pete’s folks took off to do other things, and off we went to the cache site (cache is called “Hippos Below”).

I still love the countryside! Soooo nice!

After getting everything/everyone through a barbwire fence and down a steep hill, we were finally at the entrance of Hippos Below!

Time to get this thing inflated!

Mark (was that his name? I can’t remember) and I went first, but after a little ways in, we didn’t feel 100% safe. The kayak thinger seemed to sag a bit, so we decided to turn around just to be on the safe side of things. Long story short, we were reading the air gauge wrong, so the whole thing wasn’t inflated enough. Afterwards, Pete and Shannon went. It was about a 40 minute round trip.

After they came back, it was our turn to go! Headlamps were on, and off we went! It was definitely weird going down a dark tunnel on a kayak. We had no sense of reference as to where we were or how far we’ve gone. We eventually hit a dead end, then decided to turn around… I guess we floated past the cache by a little! We were distracted by all the calcification on the walls. We turned around and luckily we spotted the cache! Were we ever relieved. After signing the logbook and taking a few pictures, we headed back to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Next adventure was just checking out a local park near Pete’s place, Barnwood Park. We did a Whereigo geocache which gave us a tour around the park. Super interesting! Here are our discoveries.

Day 2 & 3 of Europe 2012 Trip: Gloucester

Shannon and I spent the first day traveling by plane and train. We met up with Pete, and we spent the next two days recovering from jetlag and exploring Gloucester. So off to downtown!

I love all the brick buildings and the old warehouses along the canal that are now offices/apartments.

The next two pictures are HDR pics of St Mary De Crypt Church.

Gloucester Cathedral

This is the remains of St Oswald’s. It was really cool because it had a picture of the different expansions throughout the years.

The next day we wandered around downtown Gloucester again and checked out the folk museum. Just a bunch of history lessons. It was interesting!

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