Butchart Gardens in June

Matt and I had annual passes to the Butchart Gardens. Throughout the year we kept saying “yeah! Let’s go to the gardens!” But we would either be really busy or we’d forget about it. Since our passes are nearing the expiry, we decided to finally go. Matt’s friend, Shane came along too. It was his first time at the gardens, and I think he had a good time!

The weather wasn’t the greatest, but it was great to us because:
a) cloudy days = great shooting conditions
b) not crazy busy

Here’s a shot from the lookout point in the middle of the gardens. It was awesome!

Some of the old equipment. The Butchart Gardens used to be a limestone quarry. It’s really hard to believe that it went from that to a beautiful garden.

Shane’s first carousel ride EVER. It was magical.

The venue where they have live concerts everyday during the summer.

What can I say? I love symmetry.

I also love reflection shots.

One of the few roses that are trying really hard to bloom. It’s still too early for 95% of the roses.

This next shot is near impossible to take on a nice day because usually it’d be filled with A LOT of people.

Japanese gardens!

Not sure what it is, but I really like this shot. Maybe because of the tree? The colours? I don’t know.

So here’s hoping I’ll be able to visit the gardens at night because that would be awesome! And maybe catch a fireworks show in the summer.

Canada Day 2011!

Late Saturday night update!! Hey everyone, sorry it took me this long to post up the pictures from Canada Day (July 1st)… I get distracted easily. But thought I’d do an update before I leave for a camping/rock climbing trip at Nanaimo River!

Anyways, Matt and I got annual passes at Butchart Gardens recently, so we thought might as well go check out the gardens again. This time I came prepared with my 50mm lens. I thought it would be good practice for me and it’s a great place for it in my opinion. When Matt and I got there, we obviously rode the carousel, and this time the roses are in full bloom! Sooo beautiful!

Afterwards, Matt and I met up with people from his church and we all had a potluck dinner, then we all headed downtown to hang out and watch the fireworks. I think every year the fireworks get better and better! (Note to self: use manual setting next time you take pictures of fireworks). These next pictures were taken with my Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed taking these pics. But I’m gonna grab some sleep now. Leaving tomorrow to Nanaimo River… Be back on Tuesday night probably!! Keep checking back.

Week 18 – Ross Bay Cemetery

It feels like whenever I don’t go anywhere outside of Victoria, I run out of places to take pictures. So this week, I decided to check out a cemetery (yeah I know, it was only a matter of time until I went there). I went there yesterday but realized my camera battery was dead! And I didn’t bring any spares. So I had to go today…

I’m still trying to figure out what would make a good HDR picture. Sometimes it turns out looking like a cartoon, sometimes it turns out amazing, and other times it turns out like I just did a lot of post-processing on a picture. So I’m not very consistent in the “look” of a picture. These ones turned out more natural looking…. Hmmmm.

50mm, ISO 100, F2

I know the next two are pretty similar, but I just like both compositions…

50mm, ISO 100, F2.8

50mm, ISO 100, F10

A Magical Place Called Butchart Gardens

Lotta (Matty’s friend) was here to visit Victoria from Ottawa. She was here for about 2 weeks ish? So what do you do when people visit? Go to Butchart Gardens! The three of us went two weeks ago (I know… I’m falling WAY behind in my blogging), and wow is that place ever beautiful! So… less talk, more pics!

Awesome fountain thinger. Can’t wait to come back here at night!

Oh my goodness!! A carousel! Best two bucks I’ve ever spent! It was magical…

Lotta and Matty having a good time! It’s probably my favourite part of the gardens.

Matt and I ended up upgrading to a year pass, sooo we’ll be visiting there again shortly especially when the concerts start happening! And hopefully all the roses will be in full bloom soon.

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