Old Copper Mine At East Sooke Park

Chad, Kevin, and I went to East Sooke Park for a day of geocaching at the end of August. We found a loop we could do – about 12.5km round trip, and around 30 caches. It was a good day. I kept hearing about this abandoned mine there, so we decided to check it out today. Here’s the few pictures I took.

Unfortunately the cave wasn’t as deep as we thought it would be. It was about 35ft… It was still cool though.

Chad and I decided to drop off a couple of Travel Bugs at the cache site.

Geocaching at East Sooke Park

Wow it’s almost 2 months since my last post. I guess things got a bit hectic with work (finishing up my contract), looking for work, and dealing with other things in life. That’s just the way it is sometimes.

Well, the weather has been amazing this week, and I’m hoping it’ll stay like this forever! Matty and I took advantage of this by going out to East Sooke Park to do some geocaching. Recently there has been a geocaching event which resulted in A LOT of new caches at this park. Soooo we decided to tackle some. We found a total of 19 caches and we explored an area of the park which I’ve never been before so that’s always exciting!! Found some cool things along the way too!

Oh, and have I mentioned how beautiful the west coast is?

The Coliseum At East Sooke Park

Oh my goodness, I don’t even know where to begin with this post…

My friend Mark and I were trying to arrange a short climbing trip before he leaves for Squamish. We played it by ear the whole time, and FINALLY we were able to arrange something! I kept hearing about the “Coliseum” wall in East Sooke Park for rock climbing, but never been there. So today was the day! The wall has a bunch of harder climbs and it’s mostly tradition climbing, or mixed climbing… The only sport route just happened to be a 5.12b… Ugh. But it’s good to finally check out some harder routes!

Mark has been hyping this up quite a bit… So after 20 or so minutes of hiking, there it was… The Coliseum. I must say, I was pretty impressed by it. Probably the best rock in the park. We climbed three routes. You’ll be able to sort of see it in the picture. The first route we did was a 5.9, “Lust for Life” (it’s located on the left edge). It was a nice warm up… Good thing Mark is confident in placing gear, otherwise I wouldn’t be checking out this wall at all. Second route was a 5.11c, “Gladheateher” (in the middle of the left edge and the big gaping hole). And the last route was 5.12b, “Outrageous!” (to the left of the big hole). I must say, all those climbs were pretty intense… And awesome!

Mark getting ready to lead climb the 5.9

The right side of the Coliseum.

The 5.11c was pretty intense. Popped off a few times, and it gets a pump going… So that was a lot of fun. Didn’t expect to be climbing this high outdoors so soon! Then afterwards, Mark lead the 5.12b, and then he told me to give it a try. I laughed at him, but he was serious… So up I go! It was definitely the highlight of my day. Great route! Big moves, sharp small crappy crimpers, good pump. Everything about it was awesome! I couldn’t believe I was climbing it! I had a lot of problem when I got to the sharp small crappy crimp holds… But after a bunch of falls, I finally got it! This pic is of Mark rappelling down the route… I wasn’t able to take that many pics because it was just the two of us.

Words just can’t describe this day… I just can’t stop smiling about it. Everything was perfect!! This is the life… The Chief… I’ll be seeing YOU this summer :D

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