Must… Not… Eat… Gingerbread Houses

First off, I would like to say Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope everyone is having a great time spending time with family and friends!

Every year in Victoria, there’s a gingerbread house display/contest that happens at the Laurel Point Inn. Every time I go there, I’m always surprised at how much detail there are in the gingerbread houses. This year they wrote down how much time was spent on these projects. It’s always a good time here, and it smells wonderful!! I always have to hold myself back from taking a bite out of these things…

Let me know which one is your favourite!

Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9443Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9444Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9446Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9447Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9448Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9449Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9451Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9452Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9454Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9457Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9458Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9459Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9460Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9461Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9463Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9464Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9468Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9470Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9473Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9476Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9478Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9479Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9480Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9482Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9483Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9484Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9485Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9487Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9488Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9489Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9490Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9491Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9492Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9493Gingerbread Display - 2014.12.19-9494

Victoria Lighted Truck Parade 2014

Can’t believe Christmas has snuck up on me this year! Time is sure going by really quickly. Been super busy with work and photography projects. But I guess it’s time to get into the Christmas mood now! At the beginning of December, there was a lighted truck parade. I decided to head down there with my folks. It’s been a while since I’ve checked this out, so it was good time! Here are the pics.

Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9049Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9050Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9051Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9052Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9053Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9054Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9055Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9056Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9057Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9058Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9059Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9060Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9061Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9062Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9063Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9064Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9066Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9067Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9068Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9069Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9075Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9076Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9080Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9082Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9085Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9090Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9091Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9096Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9098Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9099Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9103Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9104Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9106Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9107Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9110Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9112Truck Parade - 2014.12.06-9114

Christmas 2012 in Victoria

Finally getting into the Christmas spirit! My friend and I decided to go for a walk downtown to check out a few Christmasy things that happen in Victoria. It was a beautiful day in Victoria. It wasn’t very cold for a December day. So off we went! I love all the different lights around the place. Victoria definitely puts some effort into it.

First stop was to find free parking…. Soooo we ended up parking at Ogden Point and decided to take a stroll out on the breakwater. The sky was doing awesome things, and there was a pelican around the area which is rare around Victoria.

Next stop, gingerbread houses at the Laurel Point Inn. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this. We got there, and I was blown away! Wasn’t expecting the gingerbread houses to look that amazing! The people must have put so much time in making them. It was awesome! And it smelled amazing there!

The next one was one of my favs.

So much detail!

After the gingerbread houses, we walked over to the Empress Hotel to check out the Festival of Trees that they have every year. Pretty much a company goes in on a tree and they decorate a tree together.

Yes, that’s a really big gingerbread castle!

Mandatory reflection shot.

Afterwards, we just wandered/drove around town for a bit while taking a few pictures here and there.

And there you have it… A glimpse of what Victoria looks like during Christmas! Thought I would post a bunch more pictures because I haven’t been updating very often.. But hope you all have an awesome Christmas and New Years! Feel free to drop me a line any time!

Day 12 of Europe 2012 Trip: London

Day 12… Finally made it to London! This update is going to be pretty big because I took a lot of pictures… I’m sure you all won’t mind. We went just prior to the opening day of the Olympic games. It wasn’t as busy as I thought it’d be, but oh well, I’m not complaining. We took the coach into London and we got caught up in traffic which delayed us for an hour or so. We had reservations for the London Eye (thanks Pete’s parents once again for the tickets!!!). We were rushing to get there, but then realized we were going to be late anyways. So long story short, we made it! …. Eventually.

Here we are… On the bridge. Almost at the eye. Just have to cross River Thames.

Pete’s parents bought us the Fast Track tickets which gave us priority boarding. It was awesome! We got to pass all through all the people in the lineup. But here we are on the London Eye.

Proof that we all hung out!

They had Olympic mascot statues all over the place. It was pretty cool.

This random guy in a gorilla mask wanted to take pictures with us. We were all kind of confused about it… But afterwards he wanted money… Really?? He didn’t even do anything to deserve a tip or anything! So Pete pretty much told him to go away. We had an encounter with someone else dressed up as Jimi Hendrix in Portland, Oregon who actually entertained us… THAT deserved a tip. You can check it out that adventure here.

Bye bye ugly crappy gorilla guy…

The Elizabeth Tower! … Thanks for photobombing this picture, Pete.

Houses of Parliament.

Random buildings…

Westminster Abbey

Next stop… Buckingham Palace!

Victoria Memorial.

Canada Gate! Sooo cool!

This is the Canada Memorial. It’s located in Green Park. It’s a memorial for the Canadians who were killed in both World Wars.

Green Park!


And now we’re at Abbey Road. It was so funny because everyone was trying to get “the shot”, so cars were honking at them and people were photobombing. Check it out on the live webcam here for hours of entertainment!

I wish we were able to check out Abbey Road Studio… Oh well.

So cool how people sign this wall at Abbey Road!

Next stop… Sherlock Holmes museum!

Time to head back!

Day 8 of Europe Trip 2012: Oxford, UK

Day 8… Pete, Shannon, and I took the train to Oxford to do some geocaching, attend a mega event (geocaching event), Pitt Rivers Museum, and walk around. It was a good day! …. As usual.

We made it to the mega event. It was my first geocaching event so it was crazy seeing so many cachers in the same room. Nice venue too!

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is where the Pitts River Museum is.

Cool pieces of tree roots were on display outside.

I LOVE the inside of this place.

Inside the Pitt Rivers museum. It was really cool here because it’s just a display of different artifacts. There were tons of stuff here – stuff overload!!

Pretty sweet looking museum.

Time to check out the first museum some more!

Day 4 of Europe 2012 Trip: Bristol & Dublin

It’s still sort of a shock that Shannon and I are on the other side of the world and visiting so many places! It’s definitely been a great experience so far. So on day 4, we decided to ditch our friend Pete and meet up with Scott and Aileen who lives in Dublin. We went from Gloucester to Bristol to Dublin. There were definitely a lot of pictures. That’s why I’ll be splitting up the Dublin part into a few different posts. So stay tuned!

We had a couple of hours to kill in Bristol, so we wandered around the place. It was raining and sort of miserable. At first we saw nothing of any interest. So we decided to go back to the train station and wander the other direction. I was glad we did because we found the city centre!

First stop was St Mary Redcliffe Cathedral. It’s really crazy how different these cathedrals are compared to the ones in BC.

More wandering around Bristol.

Banksy graffiti. Soooo cool!

We went to a place called Mission Burrito. They had really good food AND big portions. Mmmmmm….

Back to Temple Meads station to catch the bus to the airport.


We’re off to Dublin!

Landed safely in Dublin. Now to meet up with Scott and Aileen.

Time for a whirlwind tour of Dublin before Scott and Aileen take off back to BC. Hmmm…. Good timing to visit eh?

St Stephens Park

The canal.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

The River Liffey


Day 2 & 3 of Europe 2012 Trip: Gloucester

Shannon and I spent the first day traveling by plane and train. We met up with Pete, and we spent the next two days recovering from jetlag and exploring Gloucester. So off to downtown!

I love all the brick buildings and the old warehouses along the canal that are now offices/apartments.

The next two pictures are HDR pics of St Mary De Crypt Church.

Gloucester Cathedral

This is the remains of St Oswald’s. It was really cool because it had a picture of the different expansions throughout the years.

The next day we wandered around downtown Gloucester again and checked out the folk museum. Just a bunch of history lessons. It was interesting!

Canada Day 2012

Hope you all had an awesome Canada Day! I stuck around Victoria and decided to hang out downtown. I love it here especially when big holidays like these happen – everyone is wearing red and white, downtown is packed with people, roads are closed so you can wander freely, live music, and so much more! It’s always a great time hanging out here on Canada Day. Here’s some proof:

Pretty good spots for watching the fireworks! Patiently waiting as the skies are getting darker.

I don’t know how every year, the fireworks get better and better. Maybe I just love fireworks, and how loud it is, the different colours, and the rumble you can feel in your chest. It almost seems magical. Can’t wait for next year’s fireworks display!

Week 51 of HDR Project: Christ Church Cathedral

Welcome to the second last week of my 52 week HDR project! This week I decided to check out the Christ Church Cathedral on Quadra St. I love the architecture of the building, and the inside is just beautiful! See for yourself.

PS. I LOVE symmetry

10mm, ISO 400, F4.5

10mm, ISO 400, F4.5

10mm, ISO 200, F9

10mm, ISO 200, F7.1


First Jewellery Photography Project

My brother came back home to Victoria for just over a month, and during that time he decided to help my parents update their website. They own a jewellery store downtown called Vanessa Jewellers. They do everything from repairing jewellery to designing your own jewellery. But anyways, my brother asked me to help take pictures for the website. So on January 7th, my brother and I went down to the store to take some pictures.

This was my first time doing this kind of photography. I have never used any lighting or anything before, so I was pretty curious as to how the day would pan out. It was definitely an interesting experience. For part of the shoot, we used a reflective black sheet of acrylic, and boy does that thing attract dust! And the camera picked up every piece of dust on the sheet too. So after a day of shooting, a lot of Photoshopping had to be done afterwards. I edited the pictures as quickly as I could so my brother would have some pictures to work with. A few weeks after the shoot, my brother put together the site and now it’s online! I must say I was really impressed how well it turned out.

Below is a glimpse of what the site looks like. So go ahead and click on the picture below to go to the site, or go to Any comments/feedback would be great!

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