Why Is There So Much Gum on The Wall?

Shannon and I went to Seattle on Sunday to get some epic pizza, geocaching, and do some sightseeing. We wandered around the Pike Place Market. It was a really cool place. Really busy though (maybe because it was Sunday).

I’ve been hearing about this “wall of gum” for a while, so we had to check it out. It was pretty gross and at the same time it was also pretty amazing. You couldn’t help but to keep staring at it. So obviously I had to get an HDR picture of it because of all the different colours.

10mm, ISO 200, F4.5

Sweet light!

After all that, we wandered around the different piers and grabbed a couple geocaches.

Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to check out the sculpture park. Till next time!

Week 43 of HDR Project: Oak Bay Marina

Wow, last post of the year! I guess I’ll write a recap or something in the next post. But here’s a set of pictures for my HDR project that’s almost nearing an end. Not sure if I should keep going on with this project or not? Maybe I’ll update it once a month? I dunno… I’m always happy to hear suggestions. Or maybe a different photo project? Comments/suggestions below in the comments box pleaaase!

So anyways, this week is the Oak Bay Marina. It has a really good restaurant, and an area where you can go down to the docks to check out the boats that are docked there. There’s also seals that hang around a certain area. They can do a few tricks too if you have food! You can buy a bag of herring at the store to feed them. So yeah, here’s the pics. Enjoy!

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

Week 28 of HDR Project: Fisherman’s Wharf

I was pretty sure I’ve done HDR pics here, but after looking through my stuff, I didn’t see any! So this is fair game!

It feels good that things have finally slowed down. The weather has gotten a little colder, so I won’t be out and about as often (or will I??). Anyways, here’s the pics!

10mm, ISO 200, F5.6

13mm, ISO 200, F5.6

Week 15 – Berwick On The Lake

This week has been really busy for me – LOTS of road trips, rock climbing, and hanging out with friends. Life can’t get any better than this. But anyways, thought I’d do a quick post before I have to head out the door.

My friend Azn Matt and Lotta played two gigs on Sunday. One at a retirement home in Nanaimo and the other one at an old school house which is now an art centre. It was really cool! I decided to drive them to these gigs because I like road trips and I like to drive. So the HDR pics for this week were taken at the retirement home in Nanaimo.

10mm, ISO 200, F8

10mm, ISO 200, F8


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