Two For The Price Of One

Thursday… One day earlier than my usual HDR project update. I guess that’s a good thing! … Here’s the scoop.

I bought a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens a while back, and I haven’t been using it as much as I’d like to. Today I told myself that I HAVE to use my 50mm to take an HDR pic. So I started driving around to see what kind of pics I can snap. As I was driving around by the ocean on Dallas Rd, I saw the clouds by the Olympic Mountains were really awesome looking. So I took out my camera and started setting up… But as I was about to snap a pic, I realize that the 50mm lens wasn’t that great because it couldn’t catch a lot of the clouds. So…. I swapped over to my 10-20mm lens and came up with this. It was a really windy day by the ocean today, so I was scared that I’d get salt water specks on the lens…. I got lucky :)

12mm, ISO 100, F11

I’m used to taking landscape shots and having all that space to work with… But anyways, I decided to continue on with my adventure to look for another picture to take because the whole point of today was to use my 50mm. So I went to Beacon Hill Park. I parked the car and swapped back to my 50mm. I passed by the petting zoo and saw a few peacocks. As I walked up to one, one of them opened up his feathers. It was SO awesome! Usually I take 5 pics for the HDR pictures, but my auto bracketing could only take 3 at a time, so I was forced to take 3 instead of 5 this time. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take 3 pics quick enough as the peacock wouldn’t hold still, and I wasn’t going to set up a tripod because I figured I didn’t have enough time. After taking a bunch of shots, this picture was probably the best one. I thought it turned out pretty good!


50mm, ISO 100, F1.4

Yeah I know I posted two pictures this week, but I had no choice! These two turned out awesome! … Bonus!!

Now to start thinking about what kind of picture I can take next week…. Hmmmm…

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