Unity For The Climate Launch Event

Joseph Boutilier is unicyling from Victoria to Ottawa starting on April 5th for a 5 month ride to raise awareness for the climate. A group of us met on April 5th early morning at Mile 0 to start his adventure. It was a good turnout. He made a few stops before showing up in Sidney at the launch event where MLA’s spoke, a few spoken words, and bands played including the Kennedy family, Hayden Meagan and Brad, Nostic, and Inglewood. It was a little rainy, but spirits were high.

for more info: http://unityfortheclimate.ca/

for more pictures of he event: http://islandtrailphotography.com/2014/unity-for-the-climate-launch-event/

for my photography Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/islandtrailphotography


Unity Launch-5460
Unity Launch-5467
Unity Launch-5473
Unity Launch-5500
Unity Launch-5505
Unity Launch-5512
Unity Launch-5523
Unity Launch-5532
Unity Launch-5549
Unity Launch-5560
Unity Launch-5567
Unity Launch-5569
Unity Launch-5577
Unity Launch-5581
Unity Launch-5591
Unity Launch-5611
Unity Launch-5616
Unity Launch-5627
Unity Launch-5639
Unity Launch-5649
Unity Launch-5655
Unity Launch-5670
Unity Launch-5674
Unity Launch-5679
Unity Launch-5700
Unity Launch-5715
Unity Launch-5725
Unity Launch-5728
Unity Launch-5779
Unity Launch-5784
Unity Launch-5786

Philippines Typhoon Relief Fundraiser Concert

My friend, Qué decided to organize this fundraiser concert for the victims of the Philippies typhoon. She did an awesome job of it! It was a night of full live music, art, laughs, and good times at the V-Lounge. There was a huge range of music from rock to metal to hip hop. Qué got me to shoot the event. It was a loooong night of standing, but it was worth it in the end.

Neil Trett

01 - Neil Trett - 4219
01 - Neil Trett - 4228
01 - Neil Trett - 4230

Paradise Street

02 - Paradise Street - 4255
02 - Paradise Street - 4260
02 - Paradise Street - 4280


03 - Inglewood - 4299
03 - Inglewood - 4306
03 - Inglewood - 4314

Adventures of Nightgirl

04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4328
04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4333
04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4351


05 - Sexweather - 4394
05 - Sexweather - 4401
05 - Sexweather - 4407

Gord Phillips

06 - Gord Phillips - 4416
06 - Gord Phillips - 4420
06 - Gord Phillips - 4456

James Kasper

07 - James Kasper - 4481
07 - James Kasper - 4484
07 - James Kasper - 4485

Spaceport Union

08 - Spaceport Union - 4503
08 - Spaceport Union - 4518
08 - Spaceport Union - 4531

Funked Up

09 - Funked Up - 4549
09 - Funked Up - 4565
09 - Funked Up - 4583


10 - Radco - 4591
10 - Radco - 4610
10 - Radco - 4622

Megaton Python

11 - Megaton Python - 4667
11 - Megaton Python - 4673
11 - Megaton Python - 4674


12 - Shinerunner - 4689
12 - Shinerunner - 4695
12 - Shinerunner - 4704

Common Anomalies

13 - Common Anomalies - 4714
13 - Common Anomalies - 4722
13 - Common Anomalies - 4741

Dirty Harriet

14 - Dirty Harriet - 4758
14 - Dirty Harriet - 4768
14 - Dirty Harriet - 4770


15 - Wyrmwood - 4827
15 - Wyrmwood - 4830
15 - Wyrmwood - 4839

Live painting by Kristen of Urbanheart

Kristen - 4264
Kristen - 4748
Kristen - 4794

To check out more pictures, please go here : Philippines Typhoon Relief Fundraiser Concert

Canada Day 2013 Music In Victoria

Canada Day in Victoria! I decided to head downtown to check out some live music in front of the parliament buildings. The lineup was pretty stacked, and the best part was…. It was free! Live shows were going on throughout the whole day, but I got there around after dinner time. I had to get an awesome spot for taking pics, so I showed up a little bit earlier.  The first band I checked out was Caracol – a folk/pop band from Montreal. They were pretty good. Great harmonies and songs! Definitely worth checking out (http://www.caracolmusique.com)

Next band was a local Victoria group, Acres of Lions – a pop/rock band. They’re always having fun on stage and have catchy tunes. I’ve always loved photographing this band live. It’s really cool seeing the progress they’ve made in the music scene. (http://www.acresoflions.com)

The Odds… Vancouver band!! It’s really awesome seeing more bigger bands come to Victoria. I only know a couple of their songs (and they played them all), but they were definitely entertaining live – a good sense of humour, talented musicians, and they’re just having fun. They may seem like they’re serious, but they’re really not. (http://www.oddsmusic.com)

Hey Ocean! Another Vancouver band (pop/rock)! I’ve been listening to their stuff for a while now, and have been wanting to see them live. This was my chance. I love their songs, Ashleigh’s (lead singer) voice, her mannerisms on stage, the harmonies, and the energy. They sure know how to entertain the crowd. I’m soooo glad I got to finally see them live! Definitely a highlight. They’re also a super fun band to photograph live as well. There were so many awesome pictures!  (http://www.loveheyocean.com)

Keep an eye out for the next blog post – more Canada Day pictures!!

John K Samson with Shotgun Jimmie

John K Samson, lead singer of Winnipeg’s folk indie rock band, the Weakerthans decided to put out a solo album on Jan. 24, 2012 called Provincial. He’s currently nearing the end of his tour throughout Canada and the US promoting his newly released album. He made a stop in Vancouver on Mar. 31, 2012 at the Biltmore Cabaret – a small venue that can hold about a couple hundred people. I was fortunate enough to go see him live as I’m a big fan of John K Samson. I also knew he doesn’t come out here that often, so I had no choice but to go.

The house music fades out. More people started arriving at the sold out venue as the curtains pull away. The opening band, Shotgun Jimmie started the night. I didn’t know what to expect from him because I’ve never heard of his stuff before. One of the first things I noticed was his modded Fender guitar (it had a Bigsby vibrato tail piece, which I’ve never seen before) and a suitcase used as a kick drum. His music was interesting as you knew he was up there having fun, and his songs were about random things like girls, love, space, beer, etc. It had an indie rock feel to his music. Really enjoyable. He would add in little guitar riffs here and there, a couple of jazz chords, and some rock and roll. He even admitted that his “drum kit” sounded like cheap electronic drum loops. He definitely warmed up the crowd especially when he played his last song of his set. He invited a drummer and John K Samson to play bass. What a great way to get the crowd pumped.

John K Samson starts off with him alone on stage with an acoustic guitar in hand. He did his welcome thing and starts the set with playing “One Great City!”. A Weakerthans song about a love/hate relationship with Winnipeg. Once he played the first note on his guitar, you knew he had everyone’s attention. He then played “Heart of the Continent” from his solo album, Provincial. He mentioned how they were pretty much the same chords but with different lyrics. The rest of the band came up and joined him for a few more songs along with Shotgun Jimmie on lead guitar. During the performance, a girl blacks out in the crowd and John stops the music to make sure she’s ok before continuing on. Then someone yelled “you’re so Canadian!” and the night went on. He later raised his mug and made a toast by reciting his song “Elegy for Gump Worsley”, a tribute to Gump Worsley, an old goalie for the New York Rangers. He also later promoted a petition saying that Reggie “The Riverton Rifle” Leach should be into the Hockey Hall of Fame. Which lead to the song he wrote about the petition. John played a good balance of songs from his solo album and songs from the Weakerthans which was what everyone was hoping for.

John always had a smile on his face, and you knew he was having a good time on stage. With that combined with his great stories behind the songs, and his amazing songwriting, this is why people were so captivated by him and his music.  I found myself just closing my eyes and embracing the music. One could only hope that the night would last forever, but unfortunately, John’s set had to end. People were wanting more. John ended up doing a few more encore songs, and wrapped up the night by standing at the very front of the stage with his guitar playing and singing (without being plugged into the system) “Virtute The Cat Explains Her Departure”. It was like a good old sing along. What a great end to the night.

I think I’ve said this a few times already, but I’ll say it again. When you have someone that is very genuine, a good story teller, talented musician/songwriter, and a great poet playing at a small intimate venue, you get an amazing concert.

Legacy One @ North Douglas Church

On March 13, Legacy One came back to the Westcoast to do a show and dance workshop at North Douglas Church. They’re a hip hop dance team with a great message. It was good to see them again. They’re an awesome group of people! I decided to see them live again and take some more pictures for them. If you don’t know much about them, you can check out their website http://legacyone.ca/

If you missed my first set of pictures from the first time, you can check them out here.

Rococode with Mike Edel @ Lucky Bar

December 2, 2011. Rococode headlined at Lucky Bar and Mike Edel opened for them. I’ve heard one song from Rococode and I’ve heard about Mike Edel, but never explored much of their music so I had no idea what to expect.

Mike and his band stepped on stage. Once they started playing, I was drawn into the music right away. Their folk/pop sound really clicked. There were really good rhythm changes, melody lines, energy, drumming, wicked bass lines, and dynamic. Oh, and also the occasional banjo which adds a really nice touch to the songs. They just gave a really good vibe where you can’t stop bobbing your head to the music.

By the end of their set, it was sad to see them step off stage because you just wanted to hear more of them. But they really did a great job and the bar for the night was set.

The next band, Rococode. I was pretty excited to see what they have up their sleeves. I’ve only heard one of their songs when they were in the 100.5 Peak Performance Project, and my friend Matty has been raving about them, so they must be good! The smoke machine goes on full blast, and the show begins. They definitely have a very unique sound, and this is where I hate classifying music into genres. They had a really good pop/rock/indie sound. They started out strong and continued throughout the whole night. Song after song you’re being blasted by good stage presence, talented musicians, and a big sound. Laura Smith has such a unique voice which blended in perfectly with the band and the style of music. She lead a couple of songs which is also great to see. They were all up there having a great time and were really tight musically.

Definitely a great night. It’s been TOO long since I’ve been to a concert. So it was amazing. If you want to see higher res of the pictures, click on them, or check out my Flickr at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/keither/sets/72157628323629815/with/6473706741/

Or check out Mike Edel: http://www.mikeedel.com/

And Rococode: http://www.rococode.com/

And I’ve said this many times… GO SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS!!!

Legacy One @ North Douglas Church

A few weeks back, Legacy One, a hip hop dance team from Calgary, came to my church’s youth group to do a show. They were gooood! Good dancing, good message, and they’re just a super friendly and positive group of people.

Go check out their website and go see them live if they’re around your area! http://legacyone.ca/

We Are The City @ Jubilee Park

A bunch of us went to the Jam in Jubilee concert series in Abbotsford to check out We Are The City. The whole setting made me feel really old and made me realize why I didn’t check out a lot of these concerts anymore – lots of young kids! So Shannon and I just kinda hung around on the side of the stage instead of being front and centre…

The first band: Cale Stanage.

They played folk/acoustic music. Two guitarists and occasionally a harmonica. I didn’t really get too into them probably because I was super tired that night already. They sang some ridiculous songs, but it was good to see they’re just up there having fun.

During the intermission there were weird dancers. I was pretty confused by it all. I guess this is what happens in these kinda festivals? But anyways, the next performer were The Kodiak Nightlife.

A pop/rock band from Vancouver. I guess this festival showcases local artists. The music started to grab my interest, but it wasn’t quite there yet. They played a bunch of songs. They were enjoyable. They were able to warm up the crowd some more before We Are The City came on stage.

[Intermission…. More weird dancing?? Seriously? And no, I did not take any pictures]

Headling act: We Are The City (Indie rock band)
It’s what everyone’s been waiting for. The sky is dark, the stage is lit up, kids rushing the stage to get front row while us older people linger around the edges.

Once they played their first notes, you knew it was going to be good. They’re such a dynamic group, and they sure know how to put on a show… Lots and lots of energy… And very loud. When a band like this comes along, it’s just really hard to describe their sound. Their sounds from their instruments are really creative, and their energy is just great on stage. They are such a fun band to photograph. Every time I put down the camera, I end up bringing back my camera out to take more pictures! Ok, I’m just going to stop writing and let the pictures tell the story for you

Great night. Great music… You can check out the following bands’ websites here:

Cale Stanage

The Kodiak Nightlife

We Are The City

And if you have time, check out We Are The City’s video series for their latest EP: High School. It’s really well done and I recommend you watching it.

Carli & Julie Kennedy Live At Butchart Gardens

I checked out Carli and Julie’s concert at Butchart Gardens (luckily I have an annual pass there), and they sure know how to put on a show. Or maybe I’m just biased because I know them…

They’re a country/folk/roots band. Carli (guitar) and Julie (violin) were backed up tonight with a drummer and bassist. And I must say, I usually don’t listen to country music (but I’m still open to it!), and I enjoyed every moment of this. So this is saying a lot about how good they are!

The venue is pretty nice. It’s a band shell outside, and it’s a really chill environment. The show gets better as the sky gets darker and lights are more visible.

They played a bunch of originals from their recent EP, Small Town Stories as well as some older songs and a couple of covers such as “Life is a Highway” and “Girls Just Want To Have Fun”. I must say, they did a great job covering the songs especially with their ability to add their own “sound” to the song – I’m always impressed by that.

I’ve always enjoyed watching these two live because they’re always full of energy, and they’re super talented musicians. Through out the set, they would swap instruments such as to bass, mandolin, or banjo (big fan of multi-talented musicians). All this was also accompanied by their perfect harmonies.

Thanks for the great show!! Here’s a few links you should check out:

More pictures of the show on my Flickr account.

and Carli & Julie Kennedy’s website.

Go support local artists!!! They work super hard!

Week 21: Carli And Julie Kennedy Teaser

This week’s HDR picture is a special one. My friends, Carli and Julie Kennedy played at Butchart Gardens tonight at the band shell. They always put on a great show – full of energy, awesome harmonies, and really talented musicians. I told them I’d take some pictures for them. As I was shooting, I thought to myself “I wonder if HDR will work in this kind of scenario?” By the time I got home, I was pretty eager to find out, so I quickly whipped up these two pictures.

15mm, ISO 400, F5

10mm, ISO 400, F5

I think they turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think! More pictures of the concert are on the way!

Check out Carli and Julie’s music and website here and like them on Facebook here. Go support hard working local artists!!

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