Mollie and John’s Wedding at Tigh Na Mara Resort

On Aug 17, 2012, my good friends Mollie and John got married! It was held at Tigh Na Mara resort in Parksville, BC at a gazebo outdoors. It was a great wedding! I was pretty happy I found some shade that day because it was about 31 degrees, and I had to drive from Victoria to Parksville (about a 2 hour drive). So it was definitely a good spot to cool down.

It’s pretty crazy seeing so many of my friends either married or engaged or having kids. I feel like I’m still trying to figure out life (finding “the one”, getting a real job, etc, etc). Maybe I’m just a late bloomer…

Anyways, here’s the pictures from the wedding! Congrats!! It was an awesome day!

The bridal party and John.

Mollie and her dad.

They’re married!!!


Three Convocations!!

This past week and a bit, I was invited to a few of my friends’ graduation ceremonies. They were all on the Lower Mainland, and it was some good times.

The first one was Brenden’s. This was at the Fraser Valley Adventist Academy (FVAA). All the grads are on the left. I got there and realized I knew a couple of other people, so that was pretty cool.

Pastor Dauncey giving a speech.

Brenden got a bunch of awards!

Kelly was one of the grads as well and got a bunch of awards as well.

Go Bo!

The second convocation was Lori’s. Her’s was held at Simon Fraser University (SFU). The venue was a bit different from what I’m used to. It was held outside. I couldn’t imagine being there for the winter convocations. But it was a nice change in scenery!

The SFU pipe band started the ceremony off. It was awesome.

Lori walking across the stage! There were sooo many grads!

The last convocation was Shannon’s. Her’s was at the Abbotsford Events Centre. She gradded from the Fraser Valley University (UFV). They had an awesome live band playing!

All the graduands.

Red Robinson got an honoury doctorate.

Shannon about to walk across the stage!

Stay classy, grads.

So it’s been a pretty long 10 days – a lot of watching people convocate, running around, etc etc. But it was great seeing everyone graduate! Congrats everyone! So happy for you all!

Ian & Joanne’s Wedding

On April 21, 2012, Ian and Joanne got married at Church of Our Lord. It was a great little wedding, and the weather was amazing that day. Unfortunately I didn’t take that many pictures because there were a lot of heads in the way of a good shot. But I took what I could. Congrats you two!

This was them ringing the church bell at the end of the ceremony.

The reception was at North Douglas Church. We definitely danced the night away. Again, I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to babysit my camera the whole night… Thanks for the great times!

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