Random Pieces Here And There…

I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there, but never have enough for a full post. So I’ve decided to just wait until I have a decent amount of pictures before posting. So I guess here they are:

When I went to Beacon Hill Park one day, I went to the petting zoo. When I walked up to the peacock, he opened up his feathers! It was absolutely beautiful

Went to Patricia Bay to do some shooting as well. I really like it when clouds do cool things. I also enjoy shooting pictures with my Sigma 10-20mm. I LOVE to play around with space :)

The next pic is a mural I’ve driven past a bunch of times. I keep telling myself I need to take a picture of it… After a few weeks, I’ve decided it was time. I really like the artwork and the style

The last few pics were taken from today. I’ve noticed for a while now that there’s this ring around the sun. But today there was a ring AND another rainbow thinger just above it. Could anyone explain the ring and/or the other thing?

Today was such a beautiful day! Summer is close!! Then I’ll be out and about more often with my camera! :D

Two For The Price Of One

Thursday… One day earlier than my usual HDR project update. I guess that’s a good thing! … Here’s the scoop.

I bought a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens a while back, and I haven’t been using it as much as I’d like to. Today I told myself that I HAVE to use my 50mm to take an HDR pic. So I started driving around to see what kind of pics I can snap. As I was driving around by the ocean on Dallas Rd, I saw the clouds by the Olympic Mountains were really awesome looking. So I took out my camera and started setting up… But as I was about to snap a pic, I realize that the 50mm lens wasn’t that great because it couldn’t catch a lot of the clouds. So…. I swapped over to my 10-20mm lens and came up with this. It was a really windy day by the ocean today, so I was scared that I’d get salt water specks on the lens…. I got lucky :)

12mm, ISO 100, F11

I’m used to taking landscape shots and having all that space to work with… But anyways, I decided to continue on with my adventure to look for another picture to take because the whole point of today was to use my 50mm. So I went to Beacon Hill Park. I parked the car and swapped back to my 50mm. I passed by the petting zoo and saw a few peacocks. As I walked up to one, one of them opened up his feathers. It was SO awesome! Usually I take 5 pics for the HDR pictures, but my auto bracketing could only take 3 at a time, so I was forced to take 3 instead of 5 this time. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take 3 pics quick enough as the peacock wouldn’t hold still, and I wasn’t going to set up a tripod because I figured I didn’t have enough time. After taking a bunch of shots, this picture was probably the best one. I thought it turned out pretty good!


50mm, ISO 100, F1.4

Yeah I know I posted two pictures this week, but I had no choice! These two turned out awesome! … Bonus!!

Now to start thinking about what kind of picture I can take next week…. Hmmmm…

Winter Wonderland In Victoria

It’s definitely been a while since I’ve had the chance to update. First off, I started getting a cough last Thursday, and then got full blown sick on Friday. I’ve been trying to recover every since. I thought I’d be fine on Monday, but I was wrong… Worked 4 hours on Monday, 6 hours on Tuesday, and worked a full 8 hours on Wednesday! Yay! I felt pretty miserable during this sickness. I rarely get sick, and when I do, it seems 100 times worse… I dunno… I’m not sure why, but as the days kept passing, I got more antsy. I HAD to go out, but I knew I needed to rest as well – that was really tough for me to do. I had the whole week filled up with work and hanging out with friends, but one by one they had to be rescheduled until today…

… It snowed! Probably a good foot, and that’s RARE in Victoria. So I woke up this morning feeling a little bit better. I saw the snow and I told myself, “I HAVE TO GO OUTSIDE TODAY!” because I have yet to really shoot with my new Canon 50mm 1.4 lens I just bought. So I spent a good hour or so debating whether to go to work OR go play in the snow. It was stressful!! But I decided to go to work AND go play in the snow! I packed my camera and my work stuff, and off I went!

I was able to rope my friend, Rhiannon to play in the snow with me. We were suppose to check out a concert yesterday, but didn’t due to our sicknesses. But today… Nothing was going to get in our ways! So we met up after lunch and decided to do what we always do… Walk around! So here are some pics!

Rhiannon told me to take a pic of this statue thinger because she said it looked weird.

StatueAfter the Inner Harbour, we headed straight towards the water to Dallas Rd.

Next stop… Beacon Hill Park!SeagullWe finally found the bridge… And then… This happened.Random Sword FightingRandom sword fights? Yes please!! … It’s starting to seem like every time Rhiannon and I hang out, something weird happens – not that it’s a bad thing or anything. It makes life a lot more interesting.

Random Sword Fighting

Apparently they’re in a band called “The Saints of British Rock”… I think I rather see them fight.

Hi Rhiannon!RhiannonHmmmmm…. I didn’t see where it led to, so it will remain a mystery…Secret Door?Beacon Hill Park

What a great day! So beautiful. Thank you Rhiannon and beautiful snowy Victoria. It’s been a blast!

Sorry about the quality of some of the pics. Apparently WordPress isn’t as good as Flickr when it comes to sizing them. Hmmm…. Oh well, I might be able to live with that.

There’s more pics of today on my Flickr site if you want to see more! The link will take you to the first pic of the day. So look through them all! Comment, add me, subscribe, whatever. The more stuff the merrier!

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