A Cold Hour at Ogden Point

A couple weeks ago I went to check out the Gingerbread House display at the Laurel Point Hotel. Afterwards I went to Centennial Square to take some shots of the ferris wheel. I got there, and realized they’ve already taken it down!!! The sun was setting and so I decided to go to Ogden Point to catch the sunset.

It was super windy, the waves were pretty rough, and the sunset wasn’t that great so it was a little disappointing…. And cold. I’ve come this far and couldn’t leave without getting a few pictures. So I set up my camera and tripod to play around with long exposure shots. I didn’t get a lot because I didn’t want to be in the cold anymore. Sooo here’s the two pictures (out of a lot of other pictures that I took which looked about the same). Nice and short blog post.

The first picture is an HDR picture. Decided to try that out since I haven’t in a while. I’m surprised at how I’m always learning new things about editing photos. It’s been a great experience!! And the second picture is just a normal 20 second exposure shot. Hope you all enjoy these!

Ogden Point 001

Ogden Point - 2013.12.23-3618

The End of the 52 Week HDR Project: Whiffin Spit

Sooooo it looks like this is the last week of my 52 week HDR project! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time sure flies… For the last one, I went to Whiffin Spit which is out in Sooke, BC. I was looking around the geocaching site to see where I can find some caches, and I stumbled across this place. So I loaded up some caches onto my GPS and off I went the next day. This place is beautiful! The sun was slowly going down, and it was a really easy walk on a spit, and the weather was great! What more could I ask for for my last HDR project post.

10mm, ISO 200, F9

10mm, ISO 100, F9

10mm, ISO 100, F9

I hope you all enjoyed my series! I had a lot of fun doing this project. It made me go shoot more, and it made me learn how to do HDR pictures. I don’t think I’m going to stop here though. I think I’m going to be continue shooting HDR, but I might just post pics once a month (maybe more if I end up going to a lot of awesome places), but we’ll see! Comments? Feedback? Would love to hear from you all!

Week 49 of HDR Project: Esquimalt Lagoon

3 more weeks until this project is over! It’s awesome and sad to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought I would have bailed halfway through the project, but I guess not!

This week I went to Esquimalt Lagoon. You drive down the road and there’s water on both sides of you. A lot of different types of birds, a nice long beach, and just a great place to just chill out. This place is great for photography! I guess I’ll just let you see for yourself. I wish I had more time to hang out here…

10mm, ISO 200, F9

10mm, ISO 200, F8

10mm, ISO 200, F8

Hope you all enjoy the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them! Have an awesome weekend!

Crescent Beach

I went to Vancouver for 2 weeks a few weeks ago. Shannon and I went to Crescent Beach to check out a train pass under the overpass. We weren’t really sure when it came, so we just hung out at the top of the overpass for a while.

At first we were looking for a geocache that Shannon wasn’t able to find last time she was there. After a few minutes of looking, the cache was in our hands! Yay! We sat around and took some more pics, then after a few minutes, the train came!! It was really awesome! I would suggest people to check it out just cause it’s pretty cool.

After the train passed, we stayed a little longer to take a few more pics up on the overpass and around the area.

The sun was going down quickly and we still had to find a few more caches. But as we were caching, we got distracted by the beautiful view as the sun was almost out of sight. What a great place!

Here’s a quick panoramic shot I took. If you click on it, it’ll take you to a higher res picture of it. But this one was stitched using 13 pictures.

What a great night! I’ll leave you with this last picture… As I was sorting through there, I realize I forgot to turn this next pic into a HDR picture.So I will tack it onto the end of this post… I thought it turned out pretty amazing!

50mm, ISO 200, F4.5

Week 24 of HDR Project: China Beach

Hello Internet! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a bit. Things were pretty hectic on my side. Recording, lots of running around, and my computer decided to die on me. So now I’ve got a new hard drive and more memory! Here’s hoping it’ll last for a looooong time.

Yes, I realized I’m a week behind on my HDR project, so I’m going to try and catch up soon. Anyways, last Saturday I drove my friend Jared and his friend to the trailhead of the West Coast Trail (Super jealous!!!!). After dropping them off, I had to drop by China Beach on the way back. I knew it was going to be a quick visit because I had to pick up some stuff at Long & McQuade before it closed and then do a recording job (which is when my computer decided to not boot up, booo!). But it’s always great to just hang out at a beach for a bit and just breathe for a bit. I’ve forgotten how awesome this beach was because I usually hike out to Mystic Beach… But man, did this beach ever get popular! Anyways, here’s the pics!

This is the trail that leads up to the beach

10mm, ISO 400, F4

10mm, ISO 200, F9

Well, there you have it… Hopefully I’ll have some time to take another pic for this week! Keep posted!

Brie & Blaine’s Amazing Wedding!!

July 23rd, 2011… My friends, Brie & Blaine got married finally! SO happy for them! It was held at Esquimalt Lagoon. Right on the beach. It was such a perfect day – not crazy hot, simple, small, and not a single cloud in sight. I’m going to stop typing and just post the pictures.

This next picture is stitched together using 5 pictures. Click on it to see a higher resolution.

Stop! Reception time!!

Congrats you two!! You guys rock! Great party!

Click on the pics to see a higher resolution picture.

Week 22: Sunset at Crescent Beach

Phew, almost didn’t make it for the weekly HDR picture. Good thing I had some time on Friday otherwise I wouldn’t be able to squeeze in any other time. But anyways, the Shannons and I hung out at Crescent Beach. We caught the sunset, and I thought it’d be sweet to take a HDR pic of a sunset.

11mm, ISO 100, F8

11mm, ISO 400, F4.5

I love summer…..

The Awesomeness Of The Past Week

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since the last update. Jeez, I should perhaps stop being so busy…

It’s been a pretty darn good week. A lot has been going on. It was my birthday just over a week ago, and the birthday shenanigans just kept going on throughout the week. Had a total of THREE cakes! One was on my actual birthday when I was over on the Mainland at Shannon’s place. The second one was at the Wednesday night music practice at my church, and the third was on Friday from my friends Brie and Blaine! I feel so blessed seeing all these people care about me. It really means a lot! Thank you all! Much love.

Other than those days of birthdayness, and working Monday – Friday from 9 to 5, I’ve been trying to go rock climbing more often as oppose to going just once a week, and then on Saturday my friend Chad and I did a day of geocaching. We found a total of 27 caches. Probably walked over 5km. So that was pretty awesome. Then on Sunday, me and my folks went on an afternoon trip (see below for the details).

A while ago I subscribed for a rock climbing magazine called Rock & Ice. Last week sometime I finally got my first issue!

Rock & Ice

I had the time to read through it and I must say I’m impressed with it. There’s a lot of really good articles in it such as people’s climbing projects/trips, training tips, cool places to go climbing, etc. The photography in it is pretty awesome too. That was one of the main reasons why I subscribed… But anyways, definitely a good read! Highly recommend checking it out. And now I’m really itching to go outdoor rock climbing… Sigh.

While we’re on the subject of rock climbing, my folks and I decided to do an afternoon road trip up island after church on Sunday. I decided to show my parents Nanaimo River. They said they’ve been there, but they haven’t seen the area where I do my rock climbing.

Just being there and seeing the dry rocks, awesome view, the river, and the bolts didn’t help. But soon I’ll be climbing outdoors… Soon I say!

Afterwards, we went up to Qualicum Beach. It’s so peaceful there. Love the days with long shadows.

I didn’t have my GPS that day, but I had my phone, so I was curious to see if there are any geocaches nearby, and surely enough, there was one! So I showed my folks what geocaching is all about. They found it quite interesting. After wandering around the beach for a bit, we started to head back towards Victoria. The sun was slowly setting, so I told my folks we should check out Piper’s Lagoon in Nanaimo to catch the sunset and the fact they’ve never been there. So we got there and took a few more pics, and I was able to snatch another geocache! Yay!

Such a peaceful place… So this concludes my crazy week/weekend. It’s been good. Stay tuned for more updates (hopefully).

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