Summer 2014 Epic Road Trip Part 2 – Dinosaurs!

Second part of my road trip back in July. Met up with a friend in Calgary. Spent some time there and Drumheller. So far so good! It just feels great traveling.

This is the Peace Bridge. It’s a pedestrian bridge that crosses the Bow River. Pretty awesome.

Calgary - 2014-07-17-6503
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6505
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6507
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6511
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6514

I’m really liking all the art around town. Makes the city look a lot more modern. The next picture is an interesting sculpture in front of the Bow. I’ve seen other work from this artist (Jaume Plensa) in Seattle. So it was kinda cool finding this.  The skyscraper behind it is also really awesome.

Calgary - 2014-07-17-6519
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6522
Calgary - 2014-07-17-6523

Next stop, Drumheller! This is my first time there, and I keep hearing about the famous Royal Tyrrell Museum. It was really cool!

Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6530
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6534
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6536
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6543
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6547
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6549
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6550
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6551
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6552
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6558
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6559
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6560
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6561
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6563
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6564
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6566
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6570
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6572
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6575
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6577
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6579
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6580
Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6591
Awesome T-Rex just hanging out

Drumheller - 2014-07-19-6593
This was at the Fossil Museum. The T-Rex actually moves. It was kind of terrifying. And it was only a young one… Ugh.

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6596
Checked out the Badlands Passion Play. We weren’t allowed taking pictures during the performance, but it was really well done! And the venue was awesome! Right before the show started, we were warned about a thunder storm. So we packed up, waited it out (maybe 15- 30 minutes), and back to our seats. The weather was pretty awesome after the quick storm.

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6603
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6604
Star Mine suspension bridge

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6606
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6607
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6608
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6609
Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6613

Drumheller - 2014-07-20-6621
Next stop… Nelson! Keep an eye out for part 3!

September Long Weekend @ Horne Lake

Over the Labour Day long weekend, a few of my friends decided to come over to Vancouver Island to do some camping! We wanted to check out Horne Lake caves and possibly check out the rock climbing situation there because I’ve heard many amazing things about it.

DAY 1:

We drove out to the Horne Lake campgrounds. There was a few first come first serve spots, so we decided to just give it a shot and check it out. We got there and ended up getting the last overflow site! It was awesome! Here’s our set up… Minus the truck.

After setting up our site, we checked out the area, then the girls did some guided tour of the caves while Peter and I did the self guided tour. It was sweet, but I didn’t take my camera because I’d probably smash it on the rocks a gabillion times.

After a late dinner, we just chilled out on the beach. It was awesome – a few shooting stars!

Yay star photography!

DAY 2:

Time to do some rock climbing and find this amphitheatre I keep hearing about! The hike up to it was pretty steep, but the view was pretty amazing!

I love how there were signs telling you what some of the routes were

Warming up on a 5.10b or something along those lines. Fun climb, but kinda sketchy cause I didn’t fully trust my belayer. But I made it to the top! Was relieved. There were a lot of harder routes around the area, so I figured we would only do this climb and that was it. It was still awesome finally checking out this place!

The crew.

The beautiful, beautiful amphitheatre. Warm up route is a 5.11a. I WILL be back one day! Everything about it looked amazing!

DAY 3:

Time to head back to Victoria… Slowly. We had breakfast, packed up the campsite, and started driving. We decided to make a few stops. First stop was Little Qualicum Falls.

We waded in this area for a bit, then Peter spotted a crayfish. We tried to get the other people and their kids to catch one.

It took them a while, but they finally caught one! That’s a biggy!

Afterwards, we went to Coombs. That place was pretty packed! I LOVE their market there! Didn’t take any pictures though… But yeah, after that, we headed back to Victoria. It was a great long weekend. I definitely needed that since the past month had been hectic. So it was good to just chill out for once. Thanks to all my friends!

Week 25, 26, & 27 of HDR Project!!

Wow… Time to catch up on my HDR photo project! I’m not really sure how I can be so busy when I don’t have a job?? Oh well, the summer has been a blast! And since I haven’t been keeping up with the weekly HDR picture, here’s pictures from three different places.

A bunch of us did a weekend camping trip. We camped at Horne Lake for a couple of days. This first set of pics is from the amphitheatre where there’s some amazing rock climbing! Really really hard routes in here… The warm up is a 5.11a. Woohoo! I’ll definitely be back to climb!

10mm, ISO 1600, F11


10mm, ISO 200, F4

Next picture is from Little Qualicum Falls:

16mm, ISO 200, F5

And last place we went was Coombs. They have an amazing Volkswagen museum there!

12mm, ISO 400, F6.3

10mm, ISO 800, F6.3

Feels good to be finally caught up! I also definitely needed that weekend break. Keep checking back for more updates on the weekend camping trip!

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