Mt Horne

My buddy, Mason recently bought a bunch of camping gear, so we had to test it out! A group of us went camping for the weekend at Little Qualicum Falls. It was a great time to get away from the city. It was definitely something I needed. A few of us hiked up Mt Horne.

Elevation: 910m
Elevation gain: 750m
Total distance traveled: 9.78km

The trail was really steep… But we all made it (eventually). I slowed down the whole group because my cardio is garbage. But in the end, it was really rewarding. In my mind, summer has begun already!

This is the beginning. Just finding the trailhead.

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6155
After the first steep part, we reached a railroad track which was level (thank goodness!).

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6159
After a little bit, we had to head back up the steepness.

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6160
We’re on the right track!

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6162
The first glimpse of Mt Horne.

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6164
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6165
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6166
Views along the way. Man is it beautiful!

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6168
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6170
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6173
We made it to the top! Signed the registry and hung out for a bit. Victory!

Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6176
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6185
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6186
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6187
Mt Horne - 2014-06-07-6188
Mt HorneI was pretty exhausted afterwards, but it was so rewarding! I’m pretty stoked for the many trips in the near future!


Mt Wells

Well… I’ve finally decided to hike Mt Wells. I’ve been wanting to do this hike for a while, but never got around to it because I usually end up rock climbing here. This was my first hike of the summer so I’m a little bit out of shape. Luckily this was a fairly easy hike. So I think we’re off to a good start! And of course, had to grab a couple of geocaches on the way up.

This used to be a working 44km concrete aqueduct that went from Sooke Lake to the Humpback Reservoir. Then from the reservoir it would transport the water down to Victoria. But now it’s not needed.

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6134
Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6137
You can see Mt Finalyson in the distance (the really round mountain).

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6139
At the summit.

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6145

In the next picture, on the right, that’s Mt MacDonald – another place to rock climb!

Mt Wells - 2014-06-01-6149

Unity For The Climate Launch Event

Joseph Boutilier is unicyling from Victoria to Ottawa starting on April 5th for a 5 month ride to raise awareness for the climate. A group of us met on April 5th early morning at Mile 0 to start his adventure. It was a good turnout. He made a few stops before showing up in Sidney at the launch event where MLA’s spoke, a few spoken words, and bands played including the Kennedy family, Hayden Meagan and Brad, Nostic, and Inglewood. It was a little rainy, but spirits were high.

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Unity Launch-5460
Unity Launch-5467
Unity Launch-5473
Unity Launch-5500
Unity Launch-5505
Unity Launch-5512
Unity Launch-5523
Unity Launch-5532
Unity Launch-5549
Unity Launch-5560
Unity Launch-5567
Unity Launch-5569
Unity Launch-5577
Unity Launch-5581
Unity Launch-5591
Unity Launch-5611
Unity Launch-5616
Unity Launch-5627
Unity Launch-5639
Unity Launch-5649
Unity Launch-5655
Unity Launch-5670
Unity Launch-5674
Unity Launch-5679
Unity Launch-5700
Unity Launch-5715
Unity Launch-5725
Unity Launch-5728
Unity Launch-5779
Unity Launch-5784
Unity Launch-5786

Unity For The Climate – Promo

I got to be involved in a project in early February. It was for Unity for the Climate – It’s a campaign where Joseph Boutilier embarks on a 5 month 5000km unicycling trip from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, ON starting on April 5, 2014 to raise awareness of the climate. On the site, there’s the route map. so if he’s nearby your city, please go and support him!

Click here for details:

Here’s some of the promo pictures:


I also got to experience doing some film work for this as well. It’s my first time doing it. It was a lot of fun working with the team! Got to be one of the camera operators. Here’s the final product of it. It’s a promo video:

Philippines Typhoon Relief Fundraiser Concert

My friend, Qué decided to organize this fundraiser concert for the victims of the Philippies typhoon. She did an awesome job of it! It was a night of full live music, art, laughs, and good times at the V-Lounge. There was a huge range of music from rock to metal to hip hop. Qué got me to shoot the event. It was a loooong night of standing, but it was worth it in the end.

Neil Trett

01 - Neil Trett - 4219
01 - Neil Trett - 4228
01 - Neil Trett - 4230

Paradise Street

02 - Paradise Street - 4255
02 - Paradise Street - 4260
02 - Paradise Street - 4280


03 - Inglewood - 4299
03 - Inglewood - 4306
03 - Inglewood - 4314

Adventures of Nightgirl

04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4328
04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4333
04 - Adventures of Nightgirl - 4351


05 - Sexweather - 4394
05 - Sexweather - 4401
05 - Sexweather - 4407

Gord Phillips

06 - Gord Phillips - 4416
06 - Gord Phillips - 4420
06 - Gord Phillips - 4456

James Kasper

07 - James Kasper - 4481
07 - James Kasper - 4484
07 - James Kasper - 4485

Spaceport Union

08 - Spaceport Union - 4503
08 - Spaceport Union - 4518
08 - Spaceport Union - 4531

Funked Up

09 - Funked Up - 4549
09 - Funked Up - 4565
09 - Funked Up - 4583


10 - Radco - 4591
10 - Radco - 4610
10 - Radco - 4622

Megaton Python

11 - Megaton Python - 4667
11 - Megaton Python - 4673
11 - Megaton Python - 4674


12 - Shinerunner - 4689
12 - Shinerunner - 4695
12 - Shinerunner - 4704

Common Anomalies

13 - Common Anomalies - 4714
13 - Common Anomalies - 4722
13 - Common Anomalies - 4741

Dirty Harriet

14 - Dirty Harriet - 4758
14 - Dirty Harriet - 4768
14 - Dirty Harriet - 4770


15 - Wyrmwood - 4827
15 - Wyrmwood - 4830
15 - Wyrmwood - 4839

Live painting by Kristen of Urbanheart

Kristen - 4264
Kristen - 4748
Kristen - 4794

To check out more pictures, please go here : Philippines Typhoon Relief Fundraiser Concert

Jocelyn Hill

Lauren and I decided to hike Jocelyn Hill on a Saturday. I’ve never been here before, and Lauren hasn’t been able to find the summit after a few tries. So we decided to give it a shot. At this point I just got my new camera (Canon 5D MKII. Got it used, but it’s new to me). It’s a full frame camera, so only my 50mm 1.4 lens would fit on it. It was interesting trying to shoot with this lens but it got me to experiment with shooting/stitching panoramic pictures. There’s two in this batch that I had to stitch. It was lots of fun.

I woke up in the morning and saw there was fog. I was pretty stoked about it (Lauren wasn’t too happy about it). We met up and started heading out there. As we got out of town, the fog cleared up and it was blue skies! I was not impressed (Lauren was super happy about it). Seemed like we’re quite the opposite. But once we got to the peak, it was such an awesome view – clear blue skies with the morning fog lingering above the waters. It was such a great day!

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Jocelyn Hill - 3764

Jocelyn Hill 001

Jocelyn Hill - 3766

Jocelyn Hill 002

Jocelyn Hill - 3817

Brand New Website

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a crazy past month. I’ve decided to plunge into the deep end and started to get the ball rolling for a photography business. It’s a huge step, but it’s been a great experience so far. Super busy on top of a normal job… But anyways, I’ve just launched a brand new website. It’s called Island Trail Photography.

So please check out my site here:

You can also check out my Facebook page here:

So far I’ve been blown away from the love and support! So thank you everyone! It’s going to be a great year! Can’t wait to get out there and take more pictures.

Nanaimo River - 2013.06.22-1856

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