Unity For The Climate – Promo

I got to be involved in a project in early February. It was for Unity for the Climate – It’s a campaign where Joseph Boutilier embarks on a 5 month 5000km unicycling trip from Victoria, BC to Ottawa, ON starting on April 5, 2014 to raise awareness of the climate. On the site, there’s the route map. so if he’s nearby your city, please go and support him!

Click here for details: unityfortheclimate.ca

Here’s some of the promo pictures:


I also got to experience doing some film work for this as well. It’s my first time doing it. It was a lot of fun working with the team! Got to be one of the camera operators. Here’s the final product of it. It’s a promo video:

Last Weekend of Filming The Shadows of Hope

The last weekend of filming The Shadows of Hope! (check out their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheShadowsOfHope). We had a lot of scenes to shoot including a bunch of outside scenes. Once again, the high school students did an amazing job helping out on set. I was able to trust them to do the audio part while I did some more behind the scenes photography. The first scene we shot was at a “cafe”. It was more like a little balcony… But hey, it worked!

Here’s the set up we used for filming.

Next scene was the parking lot scene… Karen took us all by surprise. We all had a great laugh.. And I love Stefan’s reaction.

Jeff being a creeper.

The next part, we had to split the team into two because we were running out of time to film. That mic boom was so ridiculously heavy. Good on ya Mike for being such a trooper and holding that boom.

Shoving all the high school students into the elevator. Good times!

After a long day, we finished filming around 8pm. Everyone was getting tired, but spirits were still high! This project was SO much fun! Amazing cast and crew! I was super impressed by the high school students as they were able to pick up on things so quickly! Finishing this project felt bittersweet… It definitely felt weird not going to a film set the following weekends…. But here’s hoping for more amazing projects!

First Weekend Filming The Shadows of Hope

My friend hooked me up with another film project – The Shadows of Hope (check out and like their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TheShadowsOfHope). She got me doing some more behind the scenes (BTS) photography. It was another opportunity I couldn’t say no to. The film is about a girl (Kayla) whose parents split up, and then later down the road she is diagnosed with an illness. The film is also doubling as a project where high school students are brought in to show them how film making works and giving them hands-on experience.

I arrive at the set on Saturday morning and realized I was going to supervise the audio department AND do BTS photography. I’ve briefly done audio on another film project, but most of my audio experience have been in a studio/live concert environment. So off I went – teaching the students how recording sound works and all that fun stuff… To be honest, at first I was pretty nervous about teaching, but as I got into it, I was blown away by their enthusiasm and their ability to catch on so quickly. By the end of the day, I was able to fully trust them in recording audio. It was great! And on top of it all, the director, cast, and crew were an amazing group of people to work with!

So here are some of the pictures from the first weekend of filming. All of the locations were from the University of Victoria. The first place we went was Finnerty Gardens.

Now we headed back to the MacLaurin building to do the rest of the shooting. We spent a lot of time filming the living room scene. We had to slot a day and a half for it.

More pictures to come!! If you want to see more pictures, info, etc, check out and LIKE the project here: https://www.facebook.com/TheShadowsOfHope

Behind The Scenes – Bass Line TV Comedy Pilot – Jam Session

Another night of shooting. This time we were at the jam space in the Rock Bay area. It was my first time here… I didn’t even know there were places like this in the area! It was another great night. Everything went smoothly and we finished relatively early. I think I’m starting to like hearing the words “it’s a wrap”. Anyways, here’s some pics!

Behind The Scenes Shoot For Directions Trailer

Directions… This is the second project I got to be a part of. Once again, I got the role of behind the scenes photographer. We shot at the CDI college, and it went really smoothly so we were out of there at a reasonable time. It’s been great getting all this exposure to film sets. Excited to see where this is all going to take me in the future! It’s also been great meeting so many people too. Once again, great crew!

Here are some of the shots. Will be posting a link to the website to Directions once it’s up. But for now, enjoy the pictures!

My First Time On A TV Set

I got a message from a friend last week asking if I wanted to take some behind the scenes stills for a TV comedy pilot. I’ve never done anything like that before, so obviously I said yes!

The show is called Bass Line (click the link to check out the Facebook page). It’s about a bass player looking for his big break. So he goes and finds bands to join through ads, etc. We never know where he’s going to end up next.

Saturday was the first day of filming. We had a special guest actor, Tal Bachman. That guy is hilarious on set. Never a dull moment with him. It was loads of fun. We got to the venue at around 3:30pm. We weren’t able to get the place cleared until 10:00pm. So we started setting up. I ended up getting shuffled around that day/night. The day started with me filming some behind the scenes footage for Shaw and being an assistant while riding shotgun in a limo. We got back to the venue and was asked to be in the film – just chilling around outside of the venue… Awesome!.

10:00pm came and we set up shop inside the venue. Helped out with more behind the scenes filming and stills. It was a great night! Amazing crew and cast. Everyone was just amazing! A few of us bailed out around 4:00am (which was really 5:00am because of daylight saving time.. Ugh). But it was soooo worth it! Great experience, and lots of fun! Here’s a couple of teasers. Super excited for the next shoot!

If you missed it the first time, check out the Facebook page for Bass Line if you want to keep up to date with the progress! Support local productions!

Highlights of the 52 Week HDR Project

It feels kind of weird not having to take a HDR picture every week, but it’s been also a nice relief because I’ve been so busy these days. Through the year of photographing, I’ve definitely learned quite a bit about HDR. For the most part of it, I’ve felt that it’s been a real hit or miss with my shots. But during the last 5 – 10 weeks of it, it felt as though I’ve finally caught on.

There’s definitely been a bunch of weeks where I was really impressed with the shots, so this blog entry is to showcase all my favourite weeks of the project. I’m going to warn you all in advance that this might be a long post.

Week 1:
Chinatown (Victoria, BC)
Who would’ve thought that my first week would be a gooder! I love all the different colours and ever since Chinese New Year, they decided to leave the lanterns hanging across the street which looks really pretty especially at night.

Week 2: University of Victoria Library (Victoria, BC)
Night photography two weeks in a row. This is the new extension of the library at the University of Victoria. The glass section looks really awesome at night, but the so-called “pond” is still gross as ever!

Week 4: Beacon Hill Park (Victoria, BC)
I must say I got pretty lucky on this shot. I was strolling through Beacon Hill Park and decided to check out the petting zoo. Peacocks freely roam around the park. I’ve always loved the colour of them. Anyways, as I knelt down to take a picture of one, he opened up his feathers. It was phenomenal.

Week 8: Whatcom Falls (Bellingham, WA)
The two Shannons and I went to Bellingham for the day to do some shopping and geocaching. We came across this park and so I decided to give the HDR thing a try with long exposure water. Turned out a lot better than I was expecting.

Week 10: Uptown (Victoria, BC)
Uptown is the new shopping area that was recently built. The second half of it is still under construction. I just got a new car not too long ago, so I decided to show it off. Also I wanted to see what my car would look like in HDR.

Week 11: Johnson Street Bridge (Victoria, BC)
Night time photography is always fun! I decided to take pictures of this bridge before it gets torn down and replaced with a new one. I got lucky again as a bus drove through my shot which added some cool light trails.

Week 13: Shipyard (Victoria, BC)
Every time I walk to downtown, I pass by this shipyard where they fix up ships and boats. There seems to be a different boat there every single time I walk by there. Love it.

Week 15: Berwick On The Lake (Nanaimo, BC)
My friend Matty P and Lotta played at a retirement home, and I was the chauffeur. We had a bit of time to kill so we decided to check out this place, and it was pretty nice.

Week 16: Samsun Narrows (Cowichan Bay, BC)
This was where I did my first rock climbing multi-pitch! This was near the end of the day and on top of the first pitch (2 pitches in total). The route name is called The Roof is on Fire (5.10a). Not a bad view from up top. This is what I LOVE about rock climbing.

Week 20: Nanaimo River (Nanaimo, BC)
This is where I rock climb. Dion and I went camping here, and this is what we wake up to.

Week 22: Crescent Beach (White Rock, BC)
Gotta love catching the sunset at this beach!

Week 23: The Chief (Squamish, BC)
One of my favourite places. Beautiful hiking and rock climbing. It’s the mecca of bouldering. This is one of those places that just makes me smile the whole time I’m there.

Week 28: Fisherman’s Wharf (Victoria, BC)
Houseboats! … Need I say more?

Week 29: Rotary Pier (Sooke, BC)
The sun was going down. It was overcast. I was in Sooke, so I figured to take a picture here at this dock. Definitely wasn’t expecting this kind of result. I really like the colour.

Week 30: On Top of the Space Needle (Seattle, WA)
The two Shannons, Pete (UK’er), and I decided to go on a geocaching road trip. This was day 1. On top of the Space Needle. I can just hang out here for the whole day. It’s so awesome up here.

Week 31: Snoqualmie Tunnel (Rockdale, WA)
Last day of our road trip. Went to this tunnel that goes on for a few kilometres. Unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to walk it. It was really cool!! Perhaps next time. I really like the sharpness and the colours of the shot out telephone cabinet thing. And obviously tunnels are pretty awesome too.

Week 36: BC Ferries (Victoria, BC)
I’m constantly going back and forth to Vancouver, so I figured I might as well take a few HDR pictures especially since one of the vessels were in dock.

Week 44: Saddle Trail (Port Alberni, BC)
A few of us decided to go snowshowing, and it was my first time going. It was SO much fun! I think I’m hooked. So we hiked this trail in a valley that was between Mt. Arrowsmith and Mt. Cokely. I was soaked at the end, but it was well worth it. The views were amazing, and the people I was with were awesome.

Week 46: Mt Tolmie (Victoria, BC)
Once snow hits Victoria, all hell breaks loose. People don’t know how to drive, and it just gets really messy around here. Luckily Scott drove a truck, so we were able to go to the top of the mountain to capture some sweet shots.

Week 49: Esquimalt Lagoon (Colwood, BC)
The last couple of weeks in the project were definitely my favourite. The pictures just turned out really well.

Week 51: Christ Church Cathedral (Victoria, BC)
Cathedrals are always so beautiful especially in the inside. This has got to be one of my favourite shots from the project just because there’s so much detail and colour to it.

Week 52: Whiffin Spit (Sooke, BC)
The last ones of the project. A spit that shoots out a few kilometres out. It’s a really nice walk especially when the sun is going down.

Well, there you have it folks. My favourite pics from the 52 week HDR project. You can check out my other weeks under the HDR category of my blog. Or you can just snoop around… Hope you all enjoyed the project! And feel free to give any suggestions/comments/feedback about these photos. Would love to hear from you people!

Behind The Scenes of VanessaJeweller.com

As you all know, my brother and I teamed up and upgraded the website for my folks’ store, Vanessa Jewellers. My brother did all the website design, and I did the photography. It was a great experience. It took one whole day of photography shooting, a couple of nights of sorting through pictures and editing, and then a few weeks to get the website up and running. You can check out the behind the scenes article on my brother’s blog here. Hopefully there will be more projects in the near future!

But here’s a few samples of the work. You can check out the full website at http://www.vanessajeweller.com

First Jewellery Photography Project

My brother came back home to Victoria for just over a month, and during that time he decided to help my parents update their website. They own a jewellery store downtown called Vanessa Jewellers. They do everything from repairing jewellery to designing your own jewellery. But anyways, my brother asked me to help take pictures for the website. So on January 7th, my brother and I went down to the store to take some pictures.

This was my first time doing this kind of photography. I have never used any lighting or anything before, so I was pretty curious as to how the day would pan out. It was definitely an interesting experience. For part of the shoot, we used a reflective black sheet of acrylic, and boy does that thing attract dust! And the camera picked up every piece of dust on the sheet too. So after a day of shooting, a lot of Photoshopping had to be done afterwards. I edited the pictures as quickly as I could so my brother would have some pictures to work with. A few weeks after the shoot, my brother put together the site and now it’s online! I must say I was really impressed how well it turned out.

Below is a glimpse of what the site looks like. So go ahead and click on the picture below to go to the site, or go to http://www.vanessajeweller.com. Any comments/feedback would be great!

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