August 2011 Recording Session

My friends Brenden, Shannon, and I have been talking for quite some time about recording some songs during the summer. Our schedules haven’t been able to line up until now… August! So I decided to go to the Mainland for two weeks to see friends, rock climb, play some music, and record some music! I packed a bunch of clothes, all my rock climbing gear, and all my recording gear (mics, Digidesign rack, midi keyboard, cables, mic stands, etc, etc) all in the back of my trunk! (pretty impressive if you ask me)

At first we thought we’d be able to record an EP. But boy were we wrong! Long story short, we were able to record two songs. It was a fun yet long process. I love recording – just seeing the song take form is really exciting! So here’s a bunch of pictures.

Shannon recording some electric guitar.

Me laying down some bass.

Adding Brenden’s vocal to the mix.

Here’s our plan of attack…

Recording more electric guitar.

And some drums.

Late night recording is always amazing. Here I am adding a few final touches to the recording. Then I have to head back to Victoria and record some backup vocals to finish it off.

This was so awesome! Right now I’m in the process of mixing these two songs. Can’t wait to let you all hear the final products!

Oh… And if any of you can think of a band name for us, feel free to drop a comment! :)

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