Chris & Kirsten’s Big Wedding Day

My friends Chris and Kirsten got married on Oct 5, 2013 at Westwinds Community Church in Surrey, BC. It was definitely a great day. So happy to see them finally tie the knot! Wedding was great, party was great, weather was great… What more could you ask for? Congrats you two!

Chad & Rotha’s Wedding @ Providence Farm

Congratulations Chad & Rotha on getting married! The got married on July 13, 2013 at a rad place called Providence Farm. A bunch of us helped prep the wedding throughout the past little bit (especially the night before) – decorating, setting up the sound system, building stuff, and lots of prep work. Like always, things always works out in the end…. And I bet Chad and Rotha are happy the crazy planning and all that is over now :) Here’s a couple of pictures I snapped during the wedding.

Mollie and John’s Wedding at Tigh Na Mara Resort

On Aug 17, 2012, my good friends Mollie and John got married! It was held at Tigh Na Mara resort in Parksville, BC at a gazebo outdoors. It was a great wedding! I was pretty happy I found some shade that day because it was about 31 degrees, and I had to drive from Victoria to Parksville (about a 2 hour drive). So it was definitely a good spot to cool down.

It’s pretty crazy seeing so many of my friends either married or engaged or having kids. I feel like I’m still trying to figure out life (finding “the one”, getting a real job, etc, etc). Maybe I’m just a late bloomer…

Anyways, here’s the pictures from the wedding! Congrats!! It was an awesome day!

The bridal party and John.

Mollie and her dad.

They’re married!!!

Chad Proposes To Rotha @ Bernard Park

I was in Europe from July 14 – Aug 5 (I will continue my blog posts about it after this… Because this is pretty important). I got a message from my friend Chad on Aug 3rd saying he needed my help on something. He said it was a secret so he wasn’t able to talk about it over the interwebs. I had no idea what this “secret” was because he always has some crazy idea brewing. So I got back from Europe, spent a day or two recovering, and then we went met up…. Long story short, Chad was going to propose to his girlfriend, Rotha on their 4th year anniversay – exciting!!!

Yesterday (Aug 13) was the big day! Here was the plan:

  1. have everyone show up at Bernard Park (that’s where Chad and Rotha took the dog) by 8:00pm (near sunset)
  2. Chad & Rotha walks down the path (which would be lit by candles) to the park with the dog
  3. Chad & Rotha shows up at the park and sees a bunch of friends/family
  4. show a slideshow of memories of Chad & Rotha
  5. give Rotha a present that Chad made (the decoy)
  6. BAM! Propose!
  7. hopes Rotha says yes
  8. happy!

So here’s the pictures:

Chad and I met up at 12:30pm to set up the chairs, projector, computer, sound system, cameras, everything. Then at 5:30pm – 7 whatever ish, other people showed up to set up the candles on the path and more cameras and finish up the loose ends.

Here’s the place at around 7:30pm. We were just finishing everything while people started showing up. It looked ace.

The pathway that was lined with candles.

Here they come!

Watching the slideshow.

Shoot! Someone noticed me taking pictures of candid people!

The lamp that Chad made for Rotha

The proposal!

She said yes!!!

Sorry, wasn’t able to focus properly on the diamond… Pretty close though.

A toast to Chad and Rotha!

Sorry that a bunch of pictures didn’t turn out alright. But at least Chad and Rotha are super happy! Congrats to the two of you, and thanks for letting me be a part of such an amazing event.

The ring was custom designed by local jewelry business, Vanessa Jewellers. Check out their website here:

Matthew & Marlena’s Wedding

May 12, 2012…. Matthew and Marlena’s big wedding day!

It’s been a really hectic past week and half. My friend Shannon roped me into playing music during the wedding ceremony, so off I went to the Mainland on the 4th. We had to learn about 15 songs and on top of that help with a bunch of stuff such as: a lot of various arts and crafts, organizing the sound system rentals for the ceremony, etc. I definitely wasn’t expecting to be doing all this, but stuff had to get done. So there were a lot of late nights and early mornings.

Fast forward to the wedding day… The ceremony was held at Milner Chapel, Langley, BC – A small little chapel that seated about 80 – 100 people. It was a nice little place. The ceremony was really nice too. Everything went smoothly (thank goodness!). I wasn’t able to take any pictures because I was playing music, so a big thank you to my friend, Peter Trotter who was able to capture this day with my camera.

Ian & Joanne’s Wedding

On April 21, 2012, Ian and Joanne got married at Church of Our Lord. It was a great little wedding, and the weather was amazing that day. Unfortunately I didn’t take that many pictures because there were a lot of heads in the way of a good shot. But I took what I could. Congrats you two!

This was them ringing the church bell at the end of the ceremony.

The reception was at North Douglas Church. We definitely danced the night away. Again, I didn’t take pictures because I didn’t want to babysit my camera the whole night… Thanks for the great times!

Brie & Blaine’s Amazing Wedding!!

July 23rd, 2011… My friends, Brie & Blaine got married finally! SO happy for them! It was held at Esquimalt Lagoon. Right on the beach. It was such a perfect day – not crazy hot, simple, small, and not a single cloud in sight. I’m going to stop typing and just post the pictures.

This next picture is stitched together using 5 pictures. Click on it to see a higher resolution.

Stop! Reception time!!

Congrats you two!! You guys rock! Great party!

Click on the pics to see a higher resolution picture.

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