History Maker 2012

Over the May long weekend, my youth group went to a youth conference called History Maker. It went from the 18th – 21st. Last time I went to this conference, I was a youth, and it was held in Kamloops, BC. This time, I was a leader, and it was in Abbotsford, BC (just a little closer). There were 20 something youth that went, and we definitely had a great time. We left on Friday at 11am so we would have time to get off the island, check into the hotel, chill out, and make it to the 8pm start of the conference.

History Maker is a youth conference where youth groups from various churches gather to worship and learn more about God. There are general sessions in the morning and evening to start off/end the day. This is where a band leads people into worship and then a Pastor would give a short sermon. In between the morning and evening sessions, there are a whole lot of workshops that people could attend. This year, there were bands like Leeland, Jake Hamilton, Greg Sczebel and Press Play. Speakers like Elijah Waters and Eric Samuel Timm. There’s a lot more bands and speakers, so you could check out the full details at www.historymaker.ca.

Here’s some pics of what happened at the arena during the weekend.

Here we are waiting for the night to begin while people started filling the arena.


Jake Hamilton

Familia playing at the outside stage.

More Jake Hamilton

Legacy One

More Leeland

Eric Samuel Timm


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