Chilling on Mt MacDonald

Dion and I went rock climbing on June 30th at Mt MacDonald. Both of us were running a bit behind that day, but I was glad we had a really late start because it was SUPER hot out.

We got to the climbing area and decided it was going to be a really chill day because of the temperature (luckily it was late afternoon and the sun was slowly going down by the time we got there). We started with a 5.10a route (??) that wasn’t listed in my guidebook. Did another run at it, then afterwards took our food to the top and ate our supper while enjoying the amazing view from up top. After a good meal and a good chat, it was getting late, so we had to rappel down, pack up and head back home… Overall we didn’t do much climbing at all, but it was such a great time just talking and hanging out with a good friend. Here’s to more awesome days of climbing!

Photo Credit: Dion Manastyrski.

Photo Credit: Dion Manastyrski.


4 Responses to Chilling on Mt MacDonald

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  2. Stephany says:

    Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed
    and I hope you write again soon!

  3. Sharpless says:

    hey… great post. I like the pictures. Been reading about such similar experiences online by other climbers. I’ve been into indoor climbing for a while now and I’m thinking about starting to do more serious climbing outdoors. Just not sure of doing it myself. Considering doing a rock climbing or mountaineering course in Canmore before starting out on my own. Keep sharing your experiences. It’s a great way to learn and understand for those like me.

    • Keither says:

      Hey there, thanks so much for the comment! Taking a course would be a good idea if you really wanna get into outdoor rock climbing. Unless you can find someone who knows what’s going on outdoors. But you just always gotta make sure safety comes first because I’ve heard many horror stories from stupid mistakes… :) Thanks for subscribing too!!

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