A Review of 2012

Another year gone! It seems like when you get older, the quicker time goes by… I can’t believe it’s 2013!

After looking through some pictures from 2012, I’d say it’s been another good year (minus not finding a full time job… But that will come this year… Right?). Let’s start the review of 2012!!


My first time snowshoeing on Saddle Trail.


Finished my 52 week HDR project! It’s my first time doing such a project that really forced me to go out and take pictures every week.

Met a rad dancing group from Calgary called Legacy One.

First time hiking up Sugarloaf. Nashira and I did a rock climbing recon mission out there. Looks like there’s quite a bit of awesome routes there, but it’s a pretty long hike in.

Went to Seattle’s Pike Place Market and checked out the wall of gum. It was disgusting yet awesome at the same time. And it was also my FIRST blog post that was freshly pressed.

FINALLY saw John K Samson live!


Ian & Joanne’s wedding at Church of Our Lord, Victoria, BC


Matthew and Marlena’s wedding at Milner Chapel, Langley, BC. This was also where Shannon and I played music during the wedding!

History Maker 2012 at the Abbotsford Events Centre

Always happy rock climbing. This was at Mt. MacDonald… Second climb of the year!


Butchart Gardens is always an awesome place!

Brenden convocated all over the place at Fraser Valley Adventist Academy.

Lori convocated too from Simon Fraser University!

And Shannon convocated as well from University of the Fraser Valley!

Hiking at Goldstream. Went to see Niagara Falls and the trestle!

Coombs and mini golf is a must in the Summer.


Canada Day in Victoria. I love it here! Roads are closed off, people are wandering all over downtown, live music, fireworks…

And this is probably the highlight of the year – Shannon and I hopped on a plane and went to the UK to go see Pete! Here we are at the Vancouver airport about to leave. STOKED! It’s our first time in Europe!

Gloucester, UK

Bristol, UK

Flew out to Dublin to briefly see my friend, Scott. We checked out a handful of places such as the Guinness Brewery, Kilmainham Gaol, Trinity College, Temple Bar, and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

Yeah we did!!

Oxford, UK. Where we attended a Geocaching mega event, and checked out the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

Went to a little town called Chepstow to eat some food and to check out a castle.

Cheltenhem is where we met up with one of Pete’s friend and watched the latest Batman movie!

And then next was London!! This was during the Olympics, so it was really cool to check it out. Went on the Eye of London, the Elizabeth Tower, Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Road, Sherlock Holmes Museum, River Thames, Shakespeare’s Globe, St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, and Tower Bridge. LOTS of walking, but sooo worth it.

We also went to Newent… A little town where a crazy geocache was. Pretty much you had to use a kayak of some sort and paddle down this really dark canal for who knows how long… And the cache was somewhere down there. It was amazing!

Cooper’s Hill… The place where they roll a wheel of cheese down a hill and people run after it… The videos and pictures don’t do the hill any justice. It’s very steep and lumpy…


The tail end of the trip. We finally checked out the Gloucester Cathedral. We did all the guided tours as well which was really cool. The crypt tour and the bell tower tour.

Last stop of the trip was Cardiff. We checked out Cardiff Castle, and then we went to Millennium Stadium to watch a quarterfinal women’s Olympic football match! We definitely don’t have stadiums this big in Victoria.

Alright… Back in Canada now. Next on the list is Chad’s big proposal day. Helped him set up and take pics. His plan was to take Rotha out for dinner, and then take the dog out for a walk (that’s where the surprise was going to be). The path to the park was lit with candles, and then that’s where they were greeted by a bunch of family and friends. We watched a slideshow of pics they’ve taken, and then bam! Ring!

Mollie & John’s wedding at Tigh Na Mara Resort. Parksville, BC


Christmas in Victoria!

So there we have it… 2012! Another year down. There was a a pretty big gap during the Fall months. Mostly because I was out of money, so I had to hermit for a while. Wasn’t able to do anything overly exciting. Laaaammmeee… But I’m really looking forward to what 2013 has in store for me.

What are your highlights of 2012? Exciting plans for 2013? Leave me a message! Would love to hear your stories! Or post your link on the comments to your “2012 review”. Have an awesome 2013 everyone!

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