Day 19 – 21 of Europe 2012 Trip: Cardiff & The End

This is the last part of the trip. We wanted to do a few more things, but the weather wasn’t cooperating…. Oh well, we lucked out for this whole trip anyways, sooo can’t complain. We spent a day in Cardiff. We got tickets to go see the Olympic quarter-final women’s football game. It was my first football game, so I was pretty stoked about it. We had some time to kill, so our first stop was Cardiff Castle.

HDR picture!

Here’s the view from the top of the castle. You can see Millenium Stadium from here.

Here’s the second part of the castle. The first part was really interesting, but this second part seemed like some rich person bought the area and built some crazy building next to it…. Wait… That really happened? Well then! It was still really cool. Love the details and history!

Here we are, Millennium Stadium! The place seated 70+ thousand people (which is crazy for us Canadians but not for Europeans), but there were only just under 30 thousand that attended (which is crazy for us, but not for them). It was definitely a good time!

Well, it’s sad to have to leave and return to reality, but it has been an amazing three months! Definitely a great time for my first time on that side of the earth. I definitely want go back in the near future.


One Response to Day 19 – 21 of Europe 2012 Trip: Cardiff & The End

  1. Dorine says:

    Really lovely pictures of Cardiff! Glad you enjoyed yourself- it’s an amazing city.

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