Rock Climbing at Mt MacDonald

On May 27, Nashira and I went for a quick climb at Mt MacDonald. It was my 2nd outdoor climb of the season, so it was great knowing that the weather is warming up. It was raining a little bit lately, but hopefully it will be a better summer than last year!

After the short trek up the mountain, Nashira realized she forgot her climbing shoes. So she had to do a few routes in her bare feet. She toughed it out!

The next two pictures are of Mt Wells. Can you spot the climbers??

Happy to be climbing!!!

The view from up top. Not bad at all.


4 Responses to Rock Climbing at Mt MacDonald

  1. Wow! It appears your efforts were rewarded. Fabulous pics.

    • Keither says:

      Thank you!! It’s always a reward, and I love just getting out into nature!! There will be definitely a lot more pics coming this summer :)

  2. Awesome pictures.I like rock climbing too but I’m not that strong to do the same.I like the feeling of fulfillment after.I can see that your happy and fulfilled.

    • Keither says:

      thank you! yeah it doesn’t matter if you’re strong or not. the main point is to have fun. definitely one of my favourite things to do is outdoor climbing. it’s sooo amazing! thanks for stopping by

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