My Encounter with a Woolly Mammoth and a Grizzly Bear

When I was a kid, my folks took me to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. I didn’t remember much of it except for the big wooly mammoth, a cool dome where you can stand across from each other and talk to each other and it’ll seem like they’re right beside you, and a few other animals on display. This past year, I went there a couple of times with friends, and on the Easter long weekend, I decided to go with my folks. As my mom said “we used to take you to the museum, and now you’re bigger, you’re taking us to the museum!” It was great spending time with them. There was a special exhibit there – The Wildlife Photographer of the Year which was closing on that Monday. I’ve heard great things about it, so I knew I had to go check it out. And since my dad loves photography, I thought he’d enjoy it as well.

We got to the exhibit and spent a good couple of hours looking at all the amazing photography on display. It was awesome! But unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures in there. We caught an IMAX about building the railroad through the Rockies. Then afterwards, we strolled through the older part of the museum. I’m always amazed at how much stuff they have there – fake animals on display, totem poles, Native history, old Victoria history, etc. It’s pretty diverse so you could easily spend an entire day wandering around the place. So here’s some pictures of the museum!

The next picture is a HDR picture. I thought it’d be a great place to try it out because there’s lots of little details in the picture, and it’ll look like I had an encounter with a Grizzly bear! I’m really happy how well this one turned out.

14mm, ISO 400, F5

Is it weird how some of my childhood toys I used to play with now sits on display at a museum? What do you recognize here??

For more information about the museum and the current exhibits and IMAX movies that are on, check out the website here. It’s definitely worth checking out!

9 Responses to My Encounter with a Woolly Mammoth and a Grizzly Bear

  1. ehpem says:

    Great shots of the museum. I love how lifelike those dioramas are.
    I accidentally took pictures of the photo exhibit, but the museum graciously allowed me to use them in my blog once i realised I had broken the no photo rule. You can find it here if you are interested

    • Keither says:

      Awww you’re SO lucky! I couldn’t believe how amazing the pictures were! My fav was probably the hummingbird one, aannndd the one with the fox. Which one did you like the most?

      • ehpem says:

        I liked quite a few of them (well, actually, most of them), but the ones that stick in my mind right now include the boy looking at the bat out of the window, and the mountain goat on the side of the cliff reaching for a mineral lick. And there was a panorama of a night sky that was fabulous.

  2. interstitial_squirrel says:

    Very cool. I like the dioramas, especially the one with the mammoth. I thought I was looking at a real sky!

  3. Love, love, love these photos.

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  5. alisonamazed says:

    This are great pictures of the museum and a wonderful complement to my post about Sight and Sound. At the festival, the lights were dimmed is some places so I wasn’t always able to take pics. Your 4th pic is one of the places where the 15 person ensemble played (they moved around) and the vocalists stood in front of this installation and barked like seals! With the dimmed lights it was very ethereal. And the pic of the horse is where the blue grass duo were playing – that’s the horse I mention “one expected the horse to neigh”. Once again – great pics! Do you live in Victoria? Maybe we can team up on some photo essays? :)

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