The End of the 52 Week HDR Project: Whiffin Spit

Sooooo it looks like this is the last week of my 52 week HDR project! Can’t believe it’s been a year already. Time sure flies… For the last one, I went to Whiffin Spit which is out in Sooke, BC. I was looking around the geocaching site to see where I can find some caches, and I stumbled across this place. So I loaded up some caches onto my GPS and off I went the next day. This place is beautiful! The sun was slowly going down, and it was a really easy walk on a spit, and the weather was great! What more could I ask for for my last HDR project post.

10mm, ISO 200, F9

10mm, ISO 100, F9

10mm, ISO 100, F9

I hope you all enjoyed my series! I had a lot of fun doing this project. It made me go shoot more, and it made me learn how to do HDR pictures. I don’t think I’m going to stop here though. I think I’m going to be continue shooting HDR, but I might just post pics once a month (maybe more if I end up going to a lot of awesome places), but we’ll see! Comments? Feedback? Would love to hear from you all!


9 Responses to The End of the 52 Week HDR Project: Whiffin Spit

  1. livvy30 says:

    Beautiful photos!

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  3. interstitial_squirrel says:

    Wow. These photos are stunning. Are you professionally trained? Cause you’ve got a damn good eye.

    • Keither says:

      Awwww thank you SO much for your kind words!

      No, I’m not professionally trained. I started years ago when I decided to use my student loans money to purchase a Nikon Coolpix 3100. Then I upgraded to a Canon Powershot A560. And then upgraded to a Canon Rebel XT. I took TONS of pictures using the first two cameras. Really learned how to use those cameras. Then once I knew the basics and stuff, it was easy (sort of) to transition into the DSLR. What can I say, I just like shooting :)

  4. interstitial_squirrel says:

    That’s really cool! My favorite part of taking pictures is the color and contrast, but it’s hard to capture it with my sad little digital camera.
    BC looks like a beautiful area. I’ve been to Vancouver and I hope to get up there more often now that I’m moving back to Seattle.

    • Keither says:

      BC is pretty amazing, especially on Vancouver Island. It’s pretty laid back over here, and great scenery. Hopefully you’ll be able to explore more of BC!

      What kind of camera are you shooting with?

      • interstitial_squirrel says:

        It’s a Canon PowerShot A480. It’s a good camera for my purposes, but I do sometimes wish I knew how to go after what I see that intrigues me about a particular image. There’s more to it on the technical side than I am aware of.

      • Keither says:

        For sure, it’s definitely hard to get that “shot” sometimes. But once you start shooting more, it’ll come more naturally. Some things that I found useful was to move around. Whether it’s shooting the subject from really low, or whatever… Also try not having the subject in the middle all the time. Offset it a bit, or move the subject to the side of the picture. I hope this helps, but just keep shooting! That’s the only way you can get practice :)

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