Week 50 of HDR Project: Fernwood

Fernwood is one of those places where you sort of know where it is, but not really sure where the exact location is. With lots of side roads, you could easily get lost in this area. But once you find this little section of town, the block is covered in old architecture such as a high school, church, pub, cafe, etc. It’s a really interesting part of town with a lot of character. This is also where all the hippies reside.

This area brings back a lot of memories as I use to come here a lot for local concerts. Goooood times.

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

10mm, ISO 200, F8

Vic High. This school opened at this location in 1876. I love how they still have the boys and girls entrances on the top of the doors. The building is just awesome.

10mm, ISO 200, F9

13mm, ISO 200, F8



2 Responses to Week 50 of HDR Project: Fernwood

  1. I love your photos, and I’m a fan now :)

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