First Jewellery Photography Project

My brother came back home to Victoria for just over a month, and during that time he decided to help my parents update their website. They own a jewellery store downtown called Vanessa Jewellers. They do everything from repairing jewellery to designing your own jewellery. But anyways, my brother asked me to help take pictures for the website. So on January 7th, my brother and I went down to the store to take some pictures.

This was my first time doing this kind of photography. I have never used any lighting or anything before, so I was pretty curious as to how the day would pan out. It was definitely an interesting experience. For part of the shoot, we used a reflective black sheet of acrylic, and boy does that thing attract dust! And the camera picked up every piece of dust on the sheet too. So after a day of shooting, a lot of Photoshopping had to be done afterwards. I edited the pictures as quickly as I could so my brother would have some pictures to work with. A few weeks after the shoot, my brother put together the site and now it’s online! I must say I was really impressed how well it turned out.

Below is a glimpse of what the site looks like. So go ahead and click on the picture below to go to the site, or go to Any comments/feedback would be great!


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