Week 44 of HDR Project: Saddle Trail

First post of the New Year! Awesome. So here’s the scoop… Right down to business. John, Matt, and I decided to do some snowshoeing, so John and I drove up to Port Alberni to Matt’s place to spend the night and plan the trip and all that. We decided to see how far up the Saddle Trail we could get to because we weren’t sure about the weather and all that up on the mountain. I didn’t take very many pictures because it was pretty wet out there and there were parts where it was REALLY windy! But I was able to snap a few shots for my HDR project. So here they are!

This was about halfway up the trail. Man was it beautiful up there!

10mm, ISO 400, F5

And this next one I had to Photoshop A LOT of rain drops out. It got really windy and the ice hurt when it hit your face. So I tried cleaning up this picture a bit…

11mm, ISO 400, F7.1

I’ll be posting a couple more pictures and a more detailed blog entry in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for it!


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