Week 41 of HDR Project: Christmas in Centennial Square

It’s getting closer to Christmas!! Another week down, one more to go! This week is just one of those weeks where you don’t know how it got so busy. It’s been jam packed with everything: shopping, friends, rock climbing, a bit of work, looking for work, etc, etc. But I knew I had to get an HDR picture. So before heading off to a party, I swung by Centennial Square to snap a few pics. The square is really nice at this time of year. They covered whole trees in lights which look really cool! And this year they have a (REALLY SMALL) skating rink there too. Hopefully next year it’ll be a bit bigger. But here’s the pictures! Hope you’re all having a Merry Christmas!

10mm, ISO 400, F9

10mm, ISO 400, F9

11mm, ISO 400, F8



2 Responses to Week 41 of HDR Project: Christmas in Centennial Square

  1. Nice work, I’m a big fan of HDR and have just started to explore it this year so enjoy seeing other peoples HDR images. Tripod or do you just have an extremely stead hand?

    • Keither says:

      Hey hey. I’ve been getting lazy and I’ve been just shooting a burst of 3 pictures without a tripod, but you gotta be somewhat steady. A lot of the programs are good enough these days to line them up. But for these latest ones, it was getting dark, so I had to use a tripod. Hope this helps!

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