Legacy One @ North Douglas Church

A few weeks back, Legacy One, a hip hop dance team from Calgary, came to my church’s youth group to do a show. They were gooood! Good dancing, good message, and they’re just a super friendly and positive group of people.

Go check out their website and go see them live if they’re around your area! http://legacyone.ca/

Week 38 of HDR Project: Macaulay Point

I can’t believe November is almost over, but at least today was a beautiful day! That’s why I went to Macaulay Point Park to snap a few HDR pictures. This is a really cool area. This place used to protect the entrance of the Victoria and Esquimalt harbours during the war. The bunkers and gun mounts remains. It’s pretty crazy trying to picture what it would have been like back in the day when the war was going on.

10mm, ISO 200, F4.5

12mm, ISO 200, F9

10mm, ISO 200, F8

If anyone has any more interesting details about this place, feel free to comment below.


Rock Reel Film Tour 2011 Hits Victoria

Wow, I just realize I forgot to blog about the Rock Reel Film Tour. So that means I’m a couple of weeks late, BUT the tour is still going, so if you get a chance to catch it, go watch it because this is a great film! This all went down at the Vic Theatre. There were a lot of times where I would be sitting on the edge of my seat trying to sit still with my sweating hands, because some of these films were intense!

Big UP Productions, Sender Films, and others team up to showcase six different main films and a bunch of little short films.

Cold: A group of alpinists, Simone Moro, Denis Urubko, and Corey Richards decide to summit an 8,000 meter mountain in Pakistan, Gasherbrum II. -50 degree temperature, avalanches, etc etc.

Project Dawn Wall: Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson goes to Yosemite to attempt to free a route on the Dawn Wall. Check it out as they talk about their adventure of pitch after pitch of 5.14’s.

Ice Revolution: Will Gadd dreamed of ice climbing a place that’s overhang filled with icicles and a lot of difficult ice. After 30+ years of ice climbing, he finally gets to visit such a place that he thought only existed in his mind. So he teams up with Tim Emmett on a crazy adventure to Helmcken Falls.

Sketchy Andy: Andy Lewis got into slacklining, then as he got more into it, he went to the next level and start doing really long high-lines and masters aerial tricks. He’s constantly pushing his confidence to the next level. Some might say he’s crazy…

Race For The Nose: What else is there to say about this? One of the most craziest competitions ever – speed climbing the Nose route of El Capitan in Yosemite. This is where anything goes…. Racing up the 3,000 feet rock face in under three hours.

Origins: Obe And Ashima: Nine year old girl, Ashima Shiraishi from New York City finds her passion in rock climbing. Her coach, Obe Carrion coaches this rock climbing prodigy and takes her to competitions, sending V10’s (if not harder), etc.

Overall, it’s an awesome film. I enjoyed every second of it, and after watching it, I wanted to climb even more. Such inspiration! So check it out if they’re playing near you, or the DVD is coming out soon, I believe… But here’s the trailer if any of you are interested.. Climb on!

Week 37 of HDR Project: St Ann’s Academy

This week, I decided to do try some more night shooting. I walked past St Ann’s Academy two weeks ago, and thought it’d be a sweet place to snap a few pictures. Since it gets dark really early now, night photography is perfect! Except for the sudden drop in temperature. Oh well… Here’s the pics!

10mm, ISO 200, F8

10mm, ISO 200, F7.1

November 2011 Issue of the Musetta Stone Magazine!

Looks like there’s another issue release of the Musetta Stone. For all of you who don’t know what it is, it’s a group of musicians joining together writing articles about music. We have a bunch of different articles including spotlighting musicians, recording gear reviews, fashion, practicums, cd reviews, concert reviews, and much more! So go ahead and check out the link. This issue we’re featuring a local musician, Kuba Oms! Check it out by clicking on the picture below

Week 36 of HDR Project: BC Ferries

I got a message from Shannon on Tuesday asking what I’m doing the next couple of days. I said nothing… So she asked if I’d be willing to¬† come over to the Mainland to help them with some renos on their basement suite. I looked at the clock, checked the bus schedule… 30 minutes to pack up and leave. Since I’ve done this so many times, it wasn’t a big deal. So I said “sure I’ll go hop on a ferry right now!”. I got to the ferries just in time, and decided to attempt a few HDR pictures. Soooo here you go!

10mm, ISO 200, F6.3

10mm, ISO 200, F7.1

Week 35 of HDR Project: More Fall Pictures

It’s Fall, and the leaves are changing colours. Too bad a lot of trees in Victoria are coniferous, so it was really hard to find a place where there’s lots of colour. Matty and I drove around the back roads and found a few spots. This is Fall in Victoria.

11mm, ISO 400, F8

11mm, ISO 400, F6.3

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