We Are The City @ Jubilee Park

A bunch of us went to the Jam in Jubilee concert series in Abbotsford to check out We Are The City. The whole setting made me feel really old and made me realize why I didn’t check out a lot of these concerts anymore – lots of young kids! So Shannon and I just kinda hung around on the side of the stage instead of being front and centre…

The first band: Cale Stanage.

They played folk/acoustic music. Two guitarists and occasionally a harmonica. I didn’t really get too into them probably because I was super tired that night already. They sang some ridiculous songs, but it was good to see they’re just up there having fun.

During the intermission there were weird dancers. I was pretty confused by it all. I guess this is what happens in these kinda festivals? But anyways, the next performer were The Kodiak Nightlife.

A pop/rock band from Vancouver. I guess this festival showcases local artists. The music started to grab my interest, but it wasn’t quite there yet. They played a bunch of songs. They were enjoyable. They were able to warm up the crowd some more before We Are The City came on stage.

[Intermission…. More weird dancing?? Seriously? And no, I did not take any pictures]

Headling act: We Are The City (Indie rock band)
It’s what everyone’s been waiting for. The sky is dark, the stage is lit up, kids rushing the stage to get front row while us older people linger around the edges.

Once they played their first notes, you knew it was going to be good. They’re such a dynamic group, and they sure know how to put on a show… Lots and lots of energy… And very loud. When a band like this comes along, it’s just really hard to describe their sound. Their sounds from their instruments are really creative, and their energy is just great on stage. They are such a fun band to photograph. Every time I put down the camera, I end up bringing back my camera out to take more pictures! Ok, I’m just going to stop writing and let the pictures tell the story for you

Great night. Great music… You can check out the following bands’ websites here:

Cale Stanage

The Kodiak Nightlife

We Are The City

And if you have time, check out We Are The City’s video series for their latest EP: High School. It’s really well done and I recommend you watching it.


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