Finally Made It Out To Squamish!!

It’s been a pretty crazy summer this year! It’s been rainy and cooler than usual. It’d be nice every day and then it’d rain when I wanted to go to Squamish. It was weird! But finally August rolled around and the weather started feeling more like summer. So obviously I had to head out there and boy does it feel GREAT to finally meet up with the Chief once again! Me, Rachael, Lynn, and Emma did a day of hiking all three peaks (since I’ve never been to third peak yet). And the next day it’ll be rock climbing!! Super stoked!!

We started hiking it, and wow have they developed the area. There were SO many stairs now! (Boooo!!) It’s starting to feel like the Grouse Grind – hate hate hate!! I guess it’s becoming a really popular place to go. But anyways, here’s the first little stop.

There’s a cool secret path (sort of) that easily links up the first and second peaks without having to backtrack. So to get to the first peak, there was a ladder with steps made from rebar drilled into the rock. It was super cool! Rachael and I scrambled up there while the other two waited for us. This pic is up at first peak facing the other direction.

A panoramic shot of Second Peak! (click on these pictures for higher res)

And here’s the crew!

There’s this amazing chasm between second and third peak. I’m pretty sure this is where you can set up a highline…. Tempting… AND super crazy!

Third Peak!! Thanks for the awesome times!


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