Week 21: Carli And Julie Kennedy Teaser

This week’s HDR picture is a special one. My friends, Carli and Julie Kennedy played at Butchart Gardens tonight at the band shell. They always put on a great show – full of energy, awesome harmonies, and really talented musicians. I told them I’d take some pictures for them. As I was shooting, I thought to myself “I wonder if HDR will work in this kind of scenario?” By the time I got home, I was pretty eager to find out, so I quickly whipped up these two pictures.

15mm, ISO 400, F5

10mm, ISO 400, F5

I think they turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think! More pictures of the concert are on the way!

Check out Carli and Julie’s music and website here and like them on Facebook here. Go support hard working local artists!!


4 Responses to Week 21: Carli And Julie Kennedy Teaser

  1. I really like these! Great shots. Did you ghost out the movement using the deghoster in Photomatix? I always have a rough time dealing with moving objects; for us we mostly do landscapes so my arch-nemesis is always the wind blowing leaves….

  2. Very cool photos. I like the design of that amphitheater too.

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