Week 18 – Ross Bay Cemetery

It feels like whenever I don’t go anywhere outside of Victoria, I run out of places to take pictures. So this week, I decided to check out a cemetery (yeah I know, it was only a matter of time until I went there). I went there yesterday but realized my camera battery was dead! And I didn’t bring any spares. So I had to go today…

I’m still trying to figure out what would make a good HDR picture. Sometimes it turns out looking like a cartoon, sometimes it turns out amazing, and other times it turns out like I just did a lot of post-processing on a picture. So I’m not very consistent in the “look” of a picture. These ones turned out more natural looking…. Hmmmm.

50mm, ISO 100, F2

I know the next two are pretty similar, but I just like both compositions…

50mm, ISO 100, F2.8

50mm, ISO 100, F10


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