Week 21: Carli And Julie Kennedy Teaser

This week’s HDR picture is a special one. My friends, Carli and Julie Kennedy played at Butchart Gardens tonight at the band shell. They always put on a great show – full of energy, awesome harmonies, and really talented musicians. I told them I’d take some pictures for them. As I was shooting, I thought to myself “I wonder if HDR will work in this kind of scenario?” By the time I got home, I was pretty eager to find out, so I quickly whipped up these two pictures.

15mm, ISO 400, F5

10mm, ISO 400, F5

I think they turned out pretty well. Let me know what you think! More pictures of the concert are on the way!

Check out Carli and Julie’s music and website here and like them on Facebook here. Go support hard working local artists!!

Day 1 of 3: Camping And Rock Climbing At Nanaimo River

Dion and I (Rhiannon bailed at the last minute… Sadface) were planning on going to Squamish to hike and rock climb, but the weather forecast looked like crap, We played it safe and decided to go to Nanaimo River instead. We left on July 17th and came back on July 19th. It was a blast! ….. As usual.

We got to Nanaimo River around 5:30pm ish? It was pretty late in the day. But we made it! We lugged all our stuff to our “campsite” and luckily we found two wood pallets, so we carried those back to our campsite and took it apart for firewood (yay for free stuff!). And this was the tool we had to tear those pallets apart. We decided that it would be quicker to do it this way rather than driving into town and picking up an axe of some sort… But yes, it worked!

After setting up and all that, we managed to get a climb or two in. It was raining a little bit, so it wasn’t ideal rock climbing conditions. A little bit slippery… But oh well. Here’s our sweet spot where we camped!

And of course… We had a fire!

And that was pretty much it for day number one. Keep on checking back for details on the other two days!

Week 20 – Nanaimo River

Ok, quick post before I have to head off to music practice. I’m almost halfway through my year long HDR project! Yay!

Dion and I went rock climbing and camping at Nanaimo River. We were there for 3 days, and it was awesome! This is the view we get to wake up to… Not too shabby. This is Sunny Side where we spent a whole day rock climbing.

10mm, ISO 200, F8

The last day of rock climbing, we decided to check out the other side of the river which is called “Dark Side”. Amazing rock climbing. This place is so crazy! We hiked from the car and down a ladder and had to go through the underside of huge rocks. It was quite something. Here’s an HDR pic of what I’m talking about.

11mm, ISO 400, F4.5

Once you walk out from under the huge rocks and all that, you’re greeted by amazing looking rock faces on both sides. There’s a lot of amazing climbs here!

10mm, ISO 400, F4

So that’s a sneak peak of my rock climbing/camping trip. Stay tuned for a more detailed blog posting of the whole trip!

Canada Day 2011!

Late Saturday night update!! Hey everyone, sorry it took me this long to post up the pictures from Canada Day (July 1st)… I get distracted easily. But thought I’d do an update before I leave for a camping/rock climbing trip at Nanaimo River!

Anyways, Matt and I got annual passes at Butchart Gardens recently, so we thought might as well go check out the gardens again. This time I came prepared with my 50mm lens. I thought it would be good practice for me and it’s a great place for it in my opinion. When Matt and I got there, we obviously rode the carousel, and this time the roses are in full bloom! Sooo beautiful!

Afterwards, Matt and I met up with people from his church and we all had a potluck dinner, then we all headed downtown to hang out and watch the fireworks. I think every year the fireworks get better and better! (Note to self: use manual setting next time you take pictures of fireworks). These next pictures were taken with my Sigma 10-20mm lens.

Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed taking these pics. But I’m gonna grab some sleep now. Leaving tomorrow to Nanaimo River… Be back on Tuesday night probably!! Keep checking back.

Week 19 – Gonzales Bay Observatory

I have no idea what’s going on with Victoria, but the weather has been pretty cold especially for July!! Anyways, I went to the Gonzales Bay observatory a while ago and tried an HDR picture, but failed miserably. Today I thought I’d give it another try except this time instead of taking a picture of the bay, I took a picture of the observatory. I’m still trying to figure these weird halo effects I’ve been getting. But I edited most of it without making the picture look stupid. In my opinion, I kind of like the sky. It definitely wasn’t that dark when I took it, but with some post-processing, it turned out like this…. Kinda cool! But I wasn’t able to get rid of the glow by the rocks…. Sigh…. Still have LOTS to learn…

11mm, ISO 200, F14

Week 18 – Ross Bay Cemetery

It feels like whenever I don’t go anywhere outside of Victoria, I run out of places to take pictures. So this week, I decided to check out a cemetery (yeah I know, it was only a matter of time until I went there). I went there yesterday but realized my camera battery was dead! And I didn’t bring any spares. So I had to go today…

I’m still trying to figure out what would make a good HDR picture. Sometimes it turns out looking like a cartoon, sometimes it turns out amazing, and other times it turns out like I just did a lot of post-processing on a picture. So I’m not very consistent in the “look” of a picture. These ones turned out more natural looking…. Hmmmm.

50mm, ISO 100, F2

I know the next two are pretty similar, but I just like both compositions…

50mm, ISO 100, F2.8

50mm, ISO 100, F10

My First Multi-pitch At Samsun Narrows… And Now I’m Even More Hooked!

June 25th… Saturday… Dion and I decided to head up to Nanaimo River to check out Dark Side because I’ve never been there and only been to Sunny Side, and from what I’ve heard, there was some pretty good climbing there. The weather has been bouncing back and forth from sunny to rainy to 30 – 40% chance of rain. So we decided to be optimistic and go for it.

We got there… And… RAIN! Not just a little bit, but a downpour. We decided to start heading back into town, and then Dion suggested we check out Samsun Narrows which is near Genoa Bay which is near Duncan. I’ve never been there before, so I figured sure why not! I love checking out new rock climbing areas! We got there, and it was still dry and sort of sunny and cloudy. We decided to go for it. The hike in was about a 45min hike. So we lugged all our gear (30+ lbs packs) and off we went. We finally got there, and wow was the view beautiful!!

It was a pretty interesting hike to the bottom of the crag because there were some steep sketchy wooden stairs. Luckily there were rope to hang on to while going down. By the time we got climbing, it was already in the afternoon, and we left around just after 10:00am! Since Nanaimo River was a bust (I was planning on making my summer goal by lead climbing a 5.11a), we decided we had to do something epic. So why not try out a multi-pitch (because I’ve never done one before)! So we had to fly up a few routes and get warmed up quickly before it got dark.

This is Dion rappelling down the route, Wasp Buckets (5.8). It’s pretty hard to take pictures when there’s just the two of us…

After a few climbs we decided it was time to tackle the multi-pitch because it was going to start getting dark soon. So we had to fly up this 2 pitch multi-pitch route (The Roof Is On Fire, 5.10a).

Dion finishing the first pitch. Thanks for leading the hard overhang!

Met up with Dion at the top of the first pitch!

Not a bad view….

Our beautiful setup… Wow that’s a lot of stuff.

Yay! Halfway there!

Ok enough with the picture taking! It was getting dark quickly, so it was my turn to lead the second pitch. Luckily it was a pretty easy lead. Phew! This is the view from the top of the second pitch.

We made it!! Time to rappel down and get out of here! What an epic first multi-pitch! And this definitely won’t be the last!

By the time we got to the bottom, it was pitch black. Good thing we had headlamps and flashlights! So we had to pack up all our gear and hike back to the car HOPING we would remember our way back. I think we did alright… Found our way pretty quickly, thank goodness! By the time we got to the car it was around midnight? Or 1:00am? I can’t remember. Anyways, it was a loooong day, but SO worth it! Can’t wait to do more crazy trips!!

Week 17 – Canada Day

Matt and I hung out for a bit, and I figured I might as well try some HDR pics. We went up to Butchart Gardens and rode the carousel which is always awesome. I dunno if this turned out alright or not… Too much?

10mm, ISO 200, F5

After that we headed over to a potluck dinner at Matt’s church, and then walked downtown to check out the fireworks. I must say I definitely need A LOT more practice that’s for sure. I kind of like this HDR pic of fireworks, but I thought it could’ve been better. I still like it though…

10mm, ISO 200, F8

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