The Journey To Leechtown

Leechtown… It used to be a gold mining town in 1864. People flocked out there, grabbed the gold, and left… Only the remains are left now. This place has been on my radar for quite some time…. And on Saturday (June 4th), it was time to check it out. There was a multi-cache out there, so I gathered a group of people to get that multi-cache along with a few more geocaches on the way there. It said it was a 17km hike round trip… It’s just north of the Sooke Potholes. Sooo here we go!

This was our first cache we were looking for. It was just off the galloping goose trail, and it was John’s (on the right) first official experience to geocaching! And he made the find! Yay!! And Chad is signing the log.

Here’s the view of the river that runs along the galloping goose trail.

After a few hours of walking, we found this sign with some history of Leechtown. It was really cool! We were able to get to the surrounding areas of Leechtown, but the actual town is now protected because it’s soon to be a water supply for the Greater Victoria area…

So the remains that we were able to see were the leftover machinery. It was still pretty cool!

Chad driving the bus

We found the final stage of the multi-cache!

The crew

We started the trip around 10:15am, and ended probably around 3:30pm ish… So not bad at all with all the geocaching in between!

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