Week 14 – Leechtown and Mt Wells

Summer is here! Summer is here!!! There’s been quite a bit of stuff going on now that the weather is finally amazing. On Saturday, a bunch of us decided to hike to a little ghost town called Leechtown. It used to be a gold mining town, and then yeah… Ran out of gold. Anyways, access to the town has been closed off, but there’s still a few vehicle remains out there. Here’s a pic of the remains of a bus.

12mm, ISO 200, F4

Then on Sunday, a few of us went rock climbing at Mt Wells. Always a great time! It feels so nice being out on the rock. This is Dion rappelling down a 5.10c route. And once again, I didn’t have a tripod with me at Mt Wells, so only 3 shots were used to make this picture.

10mm, ISO 400, F4

More pics of these two events coming soon!

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