Week 9 HDR – Hatley Castle

Another week goes by. Work has been really hectic as it’s the end of the tax season, so we have to take down the kiosks and stuff… Late nights, early mornings. Good times… Didn’t think I’d have enough time this week to squeeze in a picture, but today Matty P and I went to Hatley Castle to do some shooting. I’ve decided to try out my 50mm lens again because I haven’t taken many HDR pics with this lens, so this would give me a challenge. This is definitely a REALLY different way of shooting. I’m not used to it at all… It’s kind of stressful because I’m used to being able to work with a lot of space with my wide angle lens. So this was tough, but I’m slowly learning. One thing I love about these pics is the detail of the rocks. There’s SO much detail, it’s awesome! I’ve been going to some pretty cool areas, and it’s hard to choose just one picture when there’s so much stuff to shoot! So here’s two pictures. Enjoy!

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

Comments? Suggestions?


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