Week 12 – Goldstream Park

Sorry for the late update… Things just got a bit busy (as usual). Anyways, John and I decided to go hike up Mt Finlayson at Goldstream Park on Saturday, and so I was pretty determined to snap an HDR picture. We decided to warm up our legs by checking out Niagara Falls. It’s a 47.5m waterfall. Even though it’s not as epic as the Niagara Falls in Ontario, it’s still a cool waterfall!

11mm, ISO 200, F14

Afterwards, we hiked up Mt Finlayson. It’s 419m (1,375 ft) high. So it’s a pretty good warm up hike… Hopefully I’ll be able to conquer some mountains in Strathcona Park soon!

10mm, ISO 200, F16

First Climb Of The Season!

Dion and I were talking about a rock climbing trip a few days ago, but weren’t sure of the weather. It kept changing from being cloudy and sunny to a bit of rain. We kept talking and got really psyched about it as we were both itching to go climbing! Sunday arrived and it was dry! So after I finished church, I picked up Rhiannon, Peter, and Dion, and we were off to Mt Wells! Rhiannon and Peter has never been outdoor climbing, so Dion and I taught them a bunch of stuff. It was a perfect day! I don’t know if there’s anything better than this – friends, sunny day, outdoor rock climbing, and food… That’s the life!

If felt amazing getting my first lead climb of the season under my belt. It’s definitely been WAY too long…

Rhiannon’s first outdoor climbing experience!

I ended up hanging out at the top of the route. Taking pictures and teaching people how to rappel. The legs sure go numb quickly from sitting in the harness for too long. But it was still pretty awesome.

Peter’s first outdoor rock climbing experience and rappelling!

More lead climbing!

For more shots, check out my set on Flickr: click here

In my mind, summer has begun… Soo keep checking back for more awesome trips!

Week 11 – Johnson Street Bridge

For some reason I REALLY like taking night photography, and I don’t know why. Maybe because of the light trails and the long exposures, I dunno. But it’s super tough to do because the slightest movement of the camera while shooting would ruin the picture… But here’s my picture for the week! I think the bus made a pretty sweet trail…. Enjoy!

11mm, ISO 200, F4.5

Musetta Stone May Edition

Hey everyone!

Just a quick post here… So me and a few others have been working really hard this past week to put together the latest issue of our music magazine, The Musetta Stone! This issue we’re featuring Cairan Ryan, a baritone singer! Check it out!

We’re also in the middle of redesigning the website too, so hopefully by mid-June we’ll have a new website! So keep checking back frequently

Week 10 at Uptown

Quick post before I have to leave!

I got a new car a few weeks back, and I’ve been meaning to make an HDR pic out of it, but couldn’t find the right place. So Friday night after helping out at my youth group, I decided to check out Uptown which is a new mall with lots of stores but crappy parking. I got there late night and I tried a few HDR pics around the area because it was nicely lit… I thought this would be a cool place to take a pic of my car. So I took a few pics hoping that some of them would turn out well in HDR (failed!), and took a few with the car. This one turned out alright.

Oh shoot… I’m running late. So I’ll leave you people with this pic of my new-to-me car! It’s a 1997 Volkwagen Jetta GT. I had to do some harsh Photoshopping because the light reflected a lot on the bottom of the car. So I had to remove it…

10mm, ISO 200, F4

Week 9 HDR – Hatley Castle

Another week goes by. Work has been really hectic as it’s the end of the tax season, so we have to take down the kiosks and stuff… Late nights, early mornings. Good times… Didn’t think I’d have enough time this week to squeeze in a picture, but today Matty P and I went to Hatley Castle to do some shooting. I’ve decided to try out my 50mm lens again because I haven’t taken many HDR pics with this lens, so this would give me a challenge. This is definitely a REALLY different way of shooting. I’m not used to it at all… It’s kind of stressful because I’m used to being able to work with a lot of space with my wide angle lens. So this was tough, but I’m slowly learning. One thing I love about these pics is the detail of the rocks. There’s SO much detail, it’s awesome! I’ve been going to some pretty cool areas, and it’s hard to choose just one picture when there’s so much stuff to shoot! So here’s two pictures. Enjoy!

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

50mm, ISO 200, F2.8

Comments? Suggestions?

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