Random Pieces Here And There…

I’ve been taking a few pictures here and there, but never have enough for a full post. So I’ve decided to just wait until I have a decent amount of pictures before posting. So I guess here they are:

When I went to Beacon Hill Park one day, I went to the petting zoo. When I walked up to the peacock, he opened up his feathers! It was absolutely beautiful

Went to Patricia Bay to do some shooting as well. I really like it when clouds do cool things. I also enjoy shooting pictures with my Sigma 10-20mm. I LOVE to play around with space :)

The next pic is a mural I’ve driven past a bunch of times. I keep telling myself I need to take a picture of it… After a few weeks, I’ve decided it was time. I really like the artwork and the style

The last few pics were taken from today. I’ve noticed for a while now that there’s this ring around the sun. But today there was a ring AND another rainbow thinger just above it. Could anyone explain the ring and/or the other thing?

Today was such a beautiful day! Summer is close!! Then I’ll be out and about more often with my camera! :D


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