Two For The Price Of One

Thursday… One day earlier than my usual HDR project update. I guess that’s a good thing! … Here’s the scoop.

I bought a Canon 50mm 1.4 lens a while back, and I haven’t been using it as much as I’d like to. Today I told myself that I HAVE to use my 50mm to take an HDR pic. So I started driving around to see what kind of pics I can snap. As I was driving around by the ocean on Dallas Rd, I saw the clouds by the Olympic Mountains were really awesome looking. So I took out my camera and started setting up… But as I was about to snap a pic, I realize that the 50mm lens wasn’t that great because it couldn’t catch a lot of the clouds. So…. I swapped over to my 10-20mm lens and came up with this. It was a really windy day by the ocean today, so I was scared that I’d get salt water specks on the lens…. I got lucky :)

12mm, ISO 100, F11

I’m used to taking landscape shots and having all that space to work with… But anyways, I decided to continue on with my adventure to look for another picture to take because the whole point of today was to use my 50mm. So I went to Beacon Hill Park. I parked the car and swapped back to my 50mm. I passed by the petting zoo and saw a few peacocks. As I walked up to one, one of them opened up his feathers. It was SO awesome! Usually I take 5 pics for the HDR pictures, but my auto bracketing could only take 3 at a time, so I was forced to take 3 instead of 5 this time. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to take 3 pics quick enough as the peacock wouldn’t hold still, and I wasn’t going to set up a tripod because I figured I didn’t have enough time. After taking a bunch of shots, this picture was probably the best one. I thought it turned out pretty good!


50mm, ISO 100, F1.4

Yeah I know I posted two pictures this week, but I had no choice! These two turned out awesome! … Bonus!!

Now to start thinking about what kind of picture I can take next week…. Hmmmm…

Third Week Of The HDR Project

Sorry I haven’t been posting more throughout the week, but not a whole lot has been really picture worthy… Oh well. I’m trying!

I don’t know why I stay up late on Fridays… I guess there’s starting to be a pattern of when I’m posting a new HDR pic every week. We’ll see if I can keep this up. I was driving my friend Scott off at U-Vic, and then I noticed this mural on a wall. I instantly fell in love with it, so I decided to take a HDR pic of it. This is my first time taking an HDR pic during the day, so the editing process was quite different. I think I’m slowly getting the hang of this though! I look a bunch of pics – different angles and such and I think that this one was the best one out of the whole collection. And to be honest, I had NO idea how any of these pics were going to turn out, so I was kind of scared. But I think it turned out alright! I hope you all enjoy it, and let me know what you think of it. You can click on the picture to see a larger version of it.

10mm, ISO 100, F11


52 Week HDR Project

I think I need to update this blog more often… But that means I would have to do something picture-worthy every week… This could get tough during some weeks, so that’s why I’ve decided to start a photo project where I take a picture in HDR (High Dynamic Range) every week for a year and post it on my blog! This will make me go take pictures more often and it will challenge me as to what I will shoot for that week. I’m going to have to start thinking really hard… I guess this will be week number two as last week I took a pic of Chinatown.

This week I’ve decided to go to U-Vic to take a pic of the library simply because one section of it is all glass so you can see inside a whole part of the library which I think is really cool. So I’ve decided to give this a shot. Let me know what you think :) (click on the pic for a larger view)

12mm, ISO 400, F11


Movie With A Side Of HDR

Another week goes by. My friend Mollie and I went to see Tron: Legacy at the IMAX on Friday. Here’s a trailer for those who haven’t seen it.

But this was my first time watching this movie (yes, I know, I don’t keep up with movies). Besides the really bad storyline, everything else was awesome! The visuals were amazing and the music was great at certain parts (music was written by Daft Punk AND they made a cameo appearance). It was also really cool because the movie was also shot in Vancouver! … I’d probably watch it again…

Afterwards, I decided to do some night time shooting because I haven’t done much of it lately. I also feel like ever since I started this blog, I need to take more pictures to go with these updates. It’s good because it’s some motivation for me to shoot more. So I’m hoping to keep this up. I didn’t take that many pictures that night. Instead I decided to experiment more with HDR (High Dynamic Range) pictures. Pretty much you take a few pictures (usually around 3 – 5 ish?) one at -2, -1, 0, +1, and +2 EV. Or you can just do it with -2, 0, and +2 EV. It’s really up to you. After taking those pictures, you combine them all to make a crazy looking picture that shows the huge range of dark and light sections of a picture. Hopefully I’ll be doing more of these in the near future because they’re a lot of fun! So only one came out alright, so I’ll leave you with this picture (Click on the image for a larger view).

10mm, ISO 400, F9


The Awesomeness Of The Past Week

Can’t believe it’s almost been a week since the last update. Jeez, I should perhaps stop being so busy…

It’s been a pretty darn good week. A lot has been going on. It was my birthday just over a week ago, and the birthday shenanigans just kept going on throughout the week. Had a total of THREE cakes! One was on my actual birthday when I was over on the Mainland at Shannon’s place. The second one was at the Wednesday night music practice at my church, and the third was on Friday from my friends Brie and Blaine! I feel so blessed seeing all these people care about me. It really means a lot! Thank you all! Much love.

Other than those days of birthdayness, and working Monday – Friday from 9 to 5, I’ve been trying to go rock climbing more often as oppose to going just once a week, and then on Saturday my friend Chad and I did a day of geocaching. We found a total of 27 caches. Probably walked over 5km. So that was pretty awesome. Then on Sunday, me and my folks went on an afternoon trip (see below for the details).

A while ago I subscribed for a rock climbing magazine called Rock & Ice. Last week sometime I finally got my first issue!

Rock & Ice

I had the time to read through it and I must say I’m impressed with it. There’s a lot of really good articles in it such as people’s climbing projects/trips, training tips, cool places to go climbing, etc. The photography in it is pretty awesome too. That was one of the main reasons why I subscribed… But anyways, definitely a good read! Highly recommend checking it out. And now I’m really itching to go outdoor rock climbing… Sigh.

While we’re on the subject of rock climbing, my folks and I decided to do an afternoon road trip up island after church on Sunday. I decided to show my parents Nanaimo River. They said they’ve been there, but they haven’t seen the area where I do my rock climbing.

Just being there and seeing the dry rocks, awesome view, the river, and the bolts didn’t help. But soon I’ll be climbing outdoors… Soon I say!

Afterwards, we went up to Qualicum Beach. It’s so peaceful there. Love the days with long shadows.

I didn’t have my GPS that day, but I had my phone, so I was curious to see if there are any geocaches nearby, and surely enough, there was one! So I showed my folks what geocaching is all about. They found it quite interesting. After wandering around the beach for a bit, we started to head back towards Victoria. The sun was slowly setting, so I told my folks we should check out Piper’s Lagoon in Nanaimo to catch the sunset and the fact they’ve never been there. So we got there and took a few more pics, and I was able to snatch another geocache! Yay!

Such a peaceful place… So this concludes my crazy week/weekend. It’s been good. Stay tuned for more updates (hopefully).

Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans Rock Victoria!

Sunday. In Vancouver. Went to the Canucks Super Skills at Rogers Arena. 3pm it ends. Skytrain back to Surrey. Grab some food. Rush to the 5pm ferry. Ferry is packed with people. Got into Victoria at 7pm. Left the ferry terminal around 7:20pm. Got to my place at 7:50pm. Doors at 8pm. Picked up my friend Mollie. Arrived at Sugar Nightclub at 8:30pm… What a rushed day!

I was really excited to hear Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans because I love the Weakerthans, and have never seen them live, or have I heard about Jim Bryson. So I thought this would be a really sweet concert to check out. I was thinking about going to the Vancouver show on Saturday night, but decided to go to a Vancouver Giants game instead. I decided to make Sunday super rushed and catch the show in Victoria instead.

Jim Bryson teamed up with The Weakerthans and recorded a CD, The Falcon Lake Incident. And now they’re doing a cross Canada tour.

The night started with a local band called Siskiyou. They’re a four-piece folk rock/indie band from Victoria (well, most of them are from Victoria). I’ve never heard of these guys before, but they sure got my attention. They had a really chill folk sound. The kind of music where you can enjoy while sitting down with a few friends while having a few drinks. There were a couple of songs where they rocked out. They also switched up instruments for a bunch of songs which was really cool such as guitars, drums, vocals, xylophone, banjo, keyboard, melodica, and even a hand saw. It’s always great seeing a band with such diversity in instruments.

Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans, a folk/indie rock band came up on stage. The only person missing was John K Samson (lead singer of the Weakerthans) which was really too bad. But they started their set with “Raised All Wrong” – a very simple, short, guitar song with vocals and harmonies. Once he finished this, I knew it was going to a great night. They were also a very diverse band when it comes to instruments. They had guitars, bass, drums, steel lap guitar, keyboard, and trumpet. They continued to rock the stage with a bunch of upbeat songs – definitely impressed with their stuff. It sounded like The Weakerthans but with a Jim Bryson twist to it which was cool because their sound was almost familiar. They ended their set with Wild Folk where they totally rocked out – lots of energy! What a great set! The lights go dim, but the crowd wanted more. Jim Bryson comes back on stage alone with his Gibson SG guitar. He played a really amazing song which I wish I knew the name of. But it was a real beautiful song. Really chill… The band then came back up on stage, and they played two more songs. They ended on a song called “Freeways In The Frontyard”. That was the only song I’ve actually heard from them. What a great end to the night. It felt complete…

Thanks for the amazing night! The music still lingers in my ears and the CD has been playing over and over again ever since the concert. Songs that stood out: Raised All Wrong, Wild Folk, Freeways In The Frontyard, Up All Night, and Decidedly.

Here’s a clip to Freeways In The Frontyard:


For more pics from the concert, you can check out my Flickr page.

Bands’ Websites:
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans

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